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Friday, March 31, 2017


These are my own personal comments. Most of us have read about this. Pakatan Harapan- is forming a pro tem committee. Most are us are jubilant about this. A pro tempore committee is finally in place.
Among other things, it will look into the idea of registering one common logo. As I have said some time ago, this is a right step. One of the things BN is fearful of, is the use of one logo by the opposition. Perhaps it can also discuss the idea of direct membership.
One logo. It will simplify the choice for voters. They will vote either BN or PH. It shows we can present a united front to the people. Hopefully it removes confusion. We are telling people that they have tangible choices.
The other thing that BN is fearful of is the leader who represents PH. Unfortunately we have 2 leaders who will act as advisors to PH. The leaders who met up have agreed to have 2 persons to represent PH. I don’t think this is strategic in the sense of being able to confer maximum advantages to PH. There should only be one person to represent PH.
If we don’t trust Mahathir, put Wan Azizah in charge. Or put up Muhyidin. Let us have only one captain commanding the ship. You can’t have 2 captains overseeing the command of a ship. It will run aground.
But let us ask ourselves? Will Wan Azizah have the drawing power to convert the UMNO people to our cause? We can’t bank our hopes solely on our extreme disgust of the injustice meted out to Anwar Ibrahim that we feel, giving Wan Azizah the symbolic gesture of fronting for Anwar will do the trick. We are dangerously flirting with an overrated emotion. It’s not endearing enough to have someone projecting a very feminine and likeable image comforting herself with a fontage fan.
I am not going to mince my words here. I am saying the person who is most strategically useful to us at the moment is Dr Mahathir. Put Dr Mahathir as the person representing PH.
With due respects to Wan Azizah, her placement there appears to give assurance to the PKR people, their boss is there. It’s like an insurance policy, reflecting the jockeying of position that is already looming in the background in the event that PH wins the PRU14. It is already the right of first claim by PKR when PH wins the next election. Anwar Ibrahim can become PM, after we win power.
It is also a decision to quell the distrust of the PKR people and members of PH on Mahathir. There are lingering doubts as to the sincerity of DR Mahathir in teaming up with PH. Personally I think most of these fear are unfounded.
Why do we need Wan Azizah to serve as midwife?
I have been wanting to write about this sometime ago but held back for fear on sending the wrong messages. Now that a committee is already in place, this issue can be discussed.
The only person whom UMNO fears most is Dr Mahathir. Let us make no bones about it- we are fighting UMNO. Don’t entertain PAS as a serious opponent. It’s UMNO.
After being played out on the issue of RUU355, PAS has lost credibility even among its own adherents. It can’t go back to its people by saying it tries its best but that it is UMNO which betrays them.
How do you explain that after having getting yourself besotted and ensnared by UMNO’s advances, you cannot depend on UMNO to put up the bill? Its supporters will be demanding blood soon. It has betrayed the hope and trust placed on them to deliver the RUU bill. It seems now that God has willed that Hadi’s private bill cannot get through with UMNO. It will shatter the hopes of the hundreds who came by buses to parliament the last time, to see and hear the motion becomes bill. How will Hadi explain to the expectant faces?
Some time ago, when Dr Mahathir turned up for an event organised by PKR, he was booed as he entered the hall. I understand the latent animosity and disapproval of Mahathir. Rightly or wrongly, he is seen as the person responsible for inflicting harm on Anwar.
But Mahathir now is the only person who can lead PH to defeat UMNO.
Unless we defeat UMNO and win power, I am afraid, but have to say this, our friend Anwar Ibrahim will rot in jail. I am not taking away anything from Anwar Ibrahim, but there is also a sizeable portion of our citizens who do not believe in his ability as a leader. If he is pragmatic, Anwar will endorse Mahathir as leader of PH. He should stop playing politics from jail. I think for him, putting up Mahathir is a better choice than having Azmin Ali as co advisor.
As a blogger qua blogger, I will write about the internal politics of PKR sometime in the future.
With Mahathir coming on board, that portion opposed to PH for whatever reasons, can be reduced in size and our chance to defeat UMNO is increased. Just look as Felda. Whenever Mahathir comes, the crowd is huge. We incapacitate Felda, we incapacitate UMNO.
When Najib was in Tawau recently he asked the question repeatedly- who does Sabah people support?- the answer came back loudly, Mahathir.
It is strategic for us, to leverage on Mahathir’s acceptability by the people. Mahathir still commands the reservoir of support in the Malay heartland.
Leverage on Mahathir. It is the perfect example, of a knife borrowed, which we can use to kill off the enemy, UMNO.
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