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Friday, March 31, 2017

Sabah Assembly To Be Dissolved In April?

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Just got this info : The Sabah State Assembly will likely be dissolved in April and the State elections will then be held in May of this year 2017.

Kleptocrat landed in Tamil Nadu a couple of days ago. The info I get is that after he comes back, he will be spending time in Sabah. Then the Sabah assembly will be dissolved soon after that and elections will be held in May 2017.

Maybe the kleptocrats will hold a rally at the Likas Stadium. There have been sightings of crocodiles in the monsoon drains near the stadium.  My son who served at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital recalls treating a patient who survived a crocodile attack.

On the walls of the pyramids in Egypt there are hieroglyphics of hippopotamus biting crocodiles. The tour guides said that the people who drew those pictures must have had a sense of humour - 3000 years or so ago.  

Actually hippos do bite crocodiles in half. So I hope the crocodiles in Likas do bite with care.  Dont bite off more than you can chew.

Here is some dated but relevant elections news about Sabah :

(EC) posted 13 new state constituencies in Sabah on Sept 15, 2016
political parties on both sides discuss which areas to contest.

BN components have mentioned new seats they are eyeing

(Upko) and (PBS) among first to signal interest
Upko wants 4 of 13 new seats, besides retaining six state seats.
Upko wants Dambai, Mengaris, Telupid and Bengkoka seats.

other new seats are Tanjung Dumpil, Pantai Dalit, Pintasan, Sungai Manila, Lamag, Kukusan, Darau, Tulid, Segama.

these are Kadazandusun and Murut majority areas.

PBS requested for 6 new seats  on top of their 13 state seats
PBS lost Matunggong, Tamparuli, Api-Api, Sri Tanjong, Inanam, Kadamaian 
PBS wants extra Telupid, Mengaris and Dambai — same 3 seats Upko wants

Liberal Democratic Party,  Chinese-based party, signals interest in new seats

My comments : Of course Shafie Apdal has been busy in Sabah. He has not wasted a single day since he was fired from UMNO. 

Sabah will be a strong indicator about where the nation's politics will evolve. 

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