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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Mat Hasan becoming less adept in politics, says Shahidan

PELANGAI BY-ELECTION | Shahidan Kassim has reminded Umno not to easily dismiss Perikatan Nasional, saying that his former party is no longer as great as it used to be.

The Arau MP also took a swipe at Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan, popularly known as Tok Mat.

“This Tok Mat is from the past, (he) is getting less and less knowledgeable about (reading) politics,” Shahidan (above) said when met in Pelangai while campaigning for PN’s candidate Kasim Samat.

Shahidan, who was formerly a minister and Perlis menteri besar when he was with Umno, said even without the “Green Wave”, PN was able to win 74 parliamentary seats during the 15th general election.

He added that there was no “Green Wave”, but a “people’s wave” instead.

On Sept 28, Mohamad claimed that Umno’s defeat in GE15 was caused by protest votes from the party’s own supporters, not by the “Green Wave”.

Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan

“People say (there is) a Green Wave... I say there is no real wave. Actually, there were many protest votes and that’s all.

“People still love Umno, so Umno (now) we will do something to empower it,” he said.

Change of struggles

Commenting further, Shahidan said the term “Green Wave” was used to disparage PAS, which uses a green logo.

He pointed out that PN had won more seats in the Dewan Rakyat compared to Umno which only gained 26 in GE15.

“You have to remember that... Umno is no longer great... Umno is only great because its building is big,” he said.

Shahidan, now a PAS member, also claimed that Umno had changed its principles of struggle when it no longer prioritised the Malay agenda since partnering up with DAP.

Therefore, he is confident that Pelangai voters, especially Felda residents, will be with PN.

“In my opinion, the voters in Pelangai and Felda are silent voters, they want to vote but don’t want to make a fuss by raising all the flags.

“Most of them are BN people but they are not satisfied with Umno’s stand with DAP. They will vote for (PN) without wanting to make noise,” he reiterated. - Mkini

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