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Friday, September 29, 2023

YOURSAY | If tourist complaints fall on deaf ears, Langkawi will suffer

YOURSAY | 'Tourists will find other alternative places to holiday, most notably Thailand.'

Moral policing in Langkawi: Tiong doubles down on tourists' complaints

E Kumar: The government must immediately investigate if these complaints by tourists in Langkawi are true.

Langkawi may belong to Kedah but Kedah belongs to Malaysia, and if these allegations are true then this embarrasses all Malaysians.

We cannot have the local authorities in Langkawi enforcing rules and laws that don’t exist at whim, and if this has been the practice since the results of the 15th general election, then the federal government must step in and ensure that all moral policing in this beautiful island ends immediately.

The government must also stop pandering to the extreme right in fear of losing votes and do what is necessary for the sake of our beloved nation.

Tourism contributes a significant chunk to our economy and the strength of our ringgit, not to mention the economic benefits for the locals in international tourist destinations like Langkawi.

Enough is enough - there's a fine line that extreme far-right religious politics mustn't cross and that line is when tourists are being harassed for wearing shorts on an island.

We can only hope that the government won't wait until foreign investors pull out and international hotel chains in Langkawi decide to close shop before an intervention takes place - it will be too late by then.

Langkawi is known around the world as one of Malaysia's top tourist destinations and imposing indiscriminate extreme religious beliefs on tourists is unacceptable.

Extremists must be reminded that the harassment of others is also a crime.

Bar that these remain as mere allegations at this point, and thus a thorough investigation must be carried out.

Should these allegations of moral policing in Langkawi turn out to be false, then the government must be fair and do its part in quelling this fake news.

Mazhilamani: No country that tried imposing moral or religious restrictions has survived economically.

Why then did former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s government invest billions in developing Langkawi as a tourist attraction?

It will be good to hear his views since he is now PAS' mentor. It is going to be a huge headache for investors who have trusted Mahathir's vision.

It is not about tourists or locals dressing to suit their comfort or drinking alcohol amongst friends to celebrate or relax.

These moral policing enforcers instructed by the state have forgotten that the people living in Langkawi depend for their livelihood on tourism.

This includes tourist guides, boat operators, e-hailing drivers, fisherfolk supplying their catch to stalls, restaurants and hotels, the farmers, and the staff employed in places where tourists eat, drink, visit and stay.

All these will be disrupted because somebody wants to be politically correct.

You don't need Covid-19 to bring Langkawi to an economic shutdown, the insensitive politicians are doing a better job at a furious pace.

Langkawi Island is not the only choice for tourists and locals, for there are hundreds more such places across our Malaysian border.

We seem fine with enriching our neighbours but take delight in impoverishing our people.

These same standards are practised in all PAS-ruled states.

Pray they don't expand their political conquest to other states. The red flag has already been raised and it is for the people to take notice.

Business First: Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Tiong King Sing, I had my doubts about you and confess I still do.

However, as a minister, you perform well and are an asset to the government and the nation.

Time is limited and resources are not infinite. You have raised the issue.

If the states do not want to help themselves, just go somewhere else where you can make a difference. Sabah has many wonderful sites. Promote these and make transportation there more convenient.

Desaru Tioman, Batu Ferringhi and so many other places can be turned into world-class destinations. Leave Kedah to Kedahans. Respect their choice and the way they want to live.

Doc: If the tourist complaints go unheard, tourism will suffer in Langkawi.

Most of the tourists coming to Langkawi are local non-Muslims and foreigners who are interested in Langkawi for the sun, booze, beaches and hotels.

With PAS running Kedah and Langkawi and their anti-booze, anti-wearing shorts stance, these tourists will find other alternative places to holiday, most notably Thailand.

We all know that Langkawi is heavily dependent on tourism.

Langkawi will eventually turn into a backwater island under PAS administration as we have seen with Kelantan and Terengganu.

When scores of local islanders lose their income and livelihood to dwindling tourism, I guess that will not be an issue.

Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor and PAS will just tell the good people of Langkawi that the reason they are suffering in misery is because of DAP and the non-Malays.

Vulcan King: Sanusi should visit Langkawi first and see for himself if there is any truth about the little Napoleons imposing their religious moral laws.

If there is truth, then remove the overzealous Napoleons before they bring down the tourist economic income into Kedah’s government kitty.

As head of the Kedah state government, he should do everything to stop this illegal abuse by some Napoleons to undermine the income to make his state more financially prosperous.

If there is no truth to the accusations brought up by Tiong, then show him evidence to prove it.

Oct: Tiong and Sanusi are not on the same page. Tiong wants to promote tourism in Langkawi, whereas Sanusi wants to follow Islamic rules and regulations.

Sanusi is very busy campaigning for Perikatan Nasional in the coming Pelangai by-election.

He will side with his moral police officers. He wouldn't give two hoots on complaints from Tiong.

In Kedah, Sanusi has all the say. Nobody can touch him.

So what if Langkawi is not favourable to tourists? Let it be.

He had already implemented rules, conditions and regulations to comply with Islam, like no 4D shops and no alcohol sold in coffee shops.

Tiong can shout, pull all his hair and cry for all he cares, but Sanusi will not acknowledge the setback.

Langkawi is not an ideal tourist place with so many restrictions while neighbouring countries are competing for tourists.

Tourists don't want to go to a place to suffer. When news like this gets out, tourists will skip Langkawi. Tiong can highlight the problem, but Sanusi won't take any action.

Apanama is Back: Tiong, if the Kedah government has decided to make tourism history for Langkawi in the coming five years, do not bang your head over it.

You are the tourism minister for the whole country. I understand that Langkawi is a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists.

If PAS leads the state government's emphasis on moral policing, you can't do anything. Move on and focus on other parts of Malaysia such as Penang, Sabah, Sarawak and even Malacca.

Don't waste time with this Sanusi fellow. - Mkini

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