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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cops accused of baiting violence

An activist lawyer explains her uncomplimentary picture in Utusan Malaysia.
PETALING JAYA: Police tried to provoke aggression from the participants of a candle light vigil outside the Jinjang detention centre a week ago, according to activist lawyer G Sivamalar.
“They were provoking and shouting at us,” the Lawyers for Liberty activist told FMT in explaining a news picture showing her in confrontation with a policeman. Utusan Malaysia published the picture on its Page 8 today.
“The picture was taken intentionally to intimidate lawyers,” she said.
“And yes, I am the one who shouted at the police constable. The police kicked my friend, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, and pushed a student activist. I told them not to touch him.”
Fadiah is a prominent member of Lawyers for Liberty.
The constable in the picture, Muhalim Osop, yesterday received a commendation letter from Kuala Lumpur’s deputy police chief, Amar Singh.
Sivamalar said she went to the scene of the May 22 vigil to represent vigil participants whom the police had arrested.
“I arrived there only after receiving news that 18 people were detained,” she said, contradicting the Utusan description of her as an opposition supporter and a participant in the vigil.
The vigil was held for student activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim, who was detained for four days on suspicion of making seditious statements at a forum early this month.
Fadiah has lodged a police report over the alleged kicking incident. The report also directed a complaint against a senior investigating officer identified only as Othman.
“I am lodging a report against SIO Othman, to be investigated by an independent team from Bukit Aman, for abusing his power by denying the right to have legal representation in accordance with Section 28 of the Criminal Procedure Code and Article 5(3) of the Federal Constitution,” she said in the report.
“I am also lodging this police report because a policeman abused his power and kicked me at the entrance of the police station.”
Others lawyers have also lodged police reports against being barred from meeting the detained participants of the vigil.
The 18 suspects were released after interrogation.

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