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Friday, May 31, 2013

Tsunami or Landslide?

Lately I have become tired of the word 'tsunami' as in political or election tsunami. In earlier days the word used in similar circumstances when a political party or coalition walloped kau kau the other side would have been 'landslide' as in a 'landslide win' or a 'landslide victory' or 'won by a landslide'.

Mind, I haven't heard of 'lost by a landslide' or 'landslide defeat'.

Is that Jalan Tun Dr Mahathir?

The word 'tsunami'  became better known only after the devastating 2005 Boxing Day tsunami. Prior to that, some poor Japanese or South Pacific islanders were the only people who were conscious of tsunamis, and where most Malaysians (I dare say 99%) weren't even aware of what a tsunami was (Maybe 'tidal wave', but which was different).

Landslide sounds not only more traditional for political wins but also appropriate, because not all sides are crushed by a landslide, but almost everyone would perished when hit by a tsunami.

Thus the word 'tsunami' to describe a 'landslide' election victory would be inappropriate as both sides would have perished and thus lose.

Is that Bandar Tun Dr Mahathir?

On the other hand, with what's going on now in Malaysia, maybe there has been a recent political 'tsunami', wakakaka.

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