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22 May 2024

Friday, May 31, 2013

Tanda Putera screening: So much for reconciliation

YOURSAY 'Umno spent RM4.5 million of taxpayers' money to produce a film containing fabrications to incite hatred against the Chinese.'

Minister wants Finas to allow Tanda Putera screening

your sayHang Babeuf: When the nation's future is placed in doubt, this Umno propaganda film suggests, one must entrust its fate into the hands of one or two guys who can provide strong Malay-Islamic leadership to set things right again.

And when is the nation's future put in doubt? When people begin openly to question the "Malays on top, now and forever - that's Malaysia, love it or leave it!" doctrine.

If the nation requires strong leadership, then the only kind of strong and effective leadership that is on offer, the film suggests, is that provided by certain ‘high-born' and ‘high-minded' Umno strongmen who sometimes, to make a good impression, put on a velvet-and-songket glove.

Abasir: Regardless of how many ‘Tanda Putera' flicks are produced by third-rate, handout dependent stooges, the truth shall remain:

The May 13 incident was orchestrated by then DPM Abdul Razak with the help of Umno leaders Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Harun Idris to kill several birds simultaneously - the Tunku, the opposition and to kick start the orgy of institutionalised theft in the name of affirmative action for the majority.

Anonymous$&@?: Instead of being level headed, new Communication and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek wants a racist propaganda film to be aired to poison the minds of the Malays.

Would he allow any producer, irrespective of race, to produce a film that depicts Malays as arrogant and greedy and let the masses decide for themselves whether what they saw is fact or fiction?

‘Bloody not' would be the answer and here this minister showed his true intent to incite hatred against the Chinese. This is plain stupidity and we right-thinking rakyat can see through the sincerity of PM Najib Razak's reconciliation process.

Odin: Umno spent RM4.5 million of taxpayers' money to produce a film containing fabrications to incite hatred against the Chinese in general and the DAP in particular, and Ahmad Shabery, you are a total rotter for asking it to be screened despite the fact that your coterie of fellow rotters in the foul-smelling kitchen cabinet have agreed to put it in cold storage.

Isaiah: The minister is causing divisions rather than focusing on building the country and forging unity and harmony among Malaysians. Why can't they get it into their heads that we are all Malaysians?

Supercession: Just use the rakyat's money to give out free DVDs of ‘Tanda Putera' to all and sundry, and make it available as free download.

That way the whole world will get to watch it. Isn't that what Umno wants? Or does it prefer to make ‘Tanda Putera' available only to select gullible Malaysians through the controlled media?

Thinkingmachine: There is always two sides to the coin and my truth may differ from others. But truth can be twisted to make some people appear evil.

Everyone knows that there were evil intentions on both the sides of a conflict. However, it takes intelligence to make movies of this kind and people with ‘bonsai' mind cannot handle such of a sensitive subject.

They should watch Richard Attenborough's ‘Gandhi' where it shows how both sides were drowned in conflict and at the end of the day we walked out of the movie theatre feeling more human and not feeling hurt.

‘Tanda Putera' is used to divide the people. Please do not go on causing friction between the Malaysian people.

Louis: Before GE13, Najib maintained that he was a PM for all Malaysians. Immediately after the GE, the PM, news media, pro-Umno NGOs and his cabinet ministers have been issuing racist remarks one after another.

Not a single day past without controversial statements. It makes me wonder whether this is part of Najib's ploy to achieve his hidden agenda.

Until today, he has not issued any warning to those making those highly incendiary remarks. Najib, is it for real that you are a PM for all Malaysians?

Malaysian Joe: Before GE13 only the gullible are allowed to watch this "movie" but now the minister wants to go on an all-out attack on the Chinese?

He better be prepared for a backlash, not on the streets, but soon the hatred for Umno will spread like cancer. That will be the end, not of ‘Tanda Putera' but Umno.

Bumiasli: Ahmad Shabery is not fit for the post of communication and multimedia minister. His job should be to communicate proper information to the public and prevent any racial elements in the process.

And here, he wants to screen a racial movie in the hope of stirring trouble so that BN can control Malaysians easily. This type of mentality must be destroyed.

OMG!!: Is this an act of reconciliation or an act of provocation? Would the minister allow a different version of May 13 be filmed and screened?
Would the minister be daring enough to call for a RCI (royal commission of inquiry) on this unfortunate tragedy for the truth to be told so that he country could move on? - Malaysiakini

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