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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ketuanan PKR

K: Amp... ......, I have the committee list.

H..: Only one? I thought there would be two.

K: That's only for public consumption. The list shows a 6-4 ratio.

H..: That's racial. Why must a committee be made up by racial proportion? I don't like it. You know I am against racism. Many are aware I have a very multiracial inclination.

K: Of course of course, but it's a way of curbing, constraining and cowtim-ing those rocket people. They're very aggressive.

H..: Aggressive? or do you mean assertive. There's a world of difference between the two.

K: Yes, yes, amp... ...... I mean assertive.

H..: So what's the problem. Bulan takes 4, Rocket takes 4, you take 2, and there you are, your 6-4 ratio.

K: Yes yes amp... ......, you are absolutely right. But ... er ... that means I'll have to leave out from the committee a favoured hard-working Chinese from my own party - she's totally reliable, 101% loyalty, and even went to Taiwan on our leader's bidding, an activity very much against her human rights grain.

H..: Then there's not much of that grain, is there?

K: Yes yes amp... ......, you are absolutely right. But I really want to have her in the committee as a show of my multiracial credentials and commitment.

H..: Well, make up your mind whether you want a 6-4 racial split or a multiracial credential? You can't have both at the same time. Sticking to the previous 5-5 which worked rather well would have solved your problem.

K: It's politics and I know you once mentioned most emphatically you are not and will not involve yourself in politics. It's about keeping the rocket people in manageable numbers in the committee.

H..: You know what they say about you being lukewarm towards this woman in your party when she was in trouble? You distanced yourself from her when she was a victim of an unscrupulous scoundrel who betrayed her trust, as if she was the scoundrel instead of the victim. It had to take two from the opposite side of the fence to come to her defence. And now you insist on her being in the committee at the expense of your ally, whom you also want to control in their committee numbers. I just cannot understand you.

And when you were in trouble with the Talam issue, who spoke up for you but those rocket and bulan people, Your own party was deafeningly silent. And now you want to stab rocket in the back.

And what is this I heard you want an un-voted person from Kedah in the setup, in fact a failed politician who couldn't even answer questions about the conduct of your last party polls and who now want to postpone the coming one? In fact in his previous political allegiance he was a thug in an international forum.

And don't forget you are already the chair which is always worth at least two in the committee. You now want to deprive your so-called ally of one to give your party 3, which makes a total of five for your party. Isn't that excessive, greedy and unreasonable when your party performed the worst among your allies?

Then I noticed in the last two weeks your party people behaved arrogantly to stake an automatic claim on the chair of the committee as if this State belongs to you party. And that woman had the nerve to tell your allies to back off on the choice of the chair, confirming your party's mistaken belief that the position is your party's birthright. This smells of ketuanan nonsense. Don't forget who I am.

K: Yes yes amp... ......, you are absolutely right. Politics is so dirty which has been why I dare not burden sire with its shoddy complexity.

H..: Since you claim to be multiracial, what about an Indian from your party? I heard the previous one has being dropped?

K: My ally is putting one up so there'll be one Indian in the committee.

H..: So thanks to the rocket, and no thanks to your so-called multiracial party, there would be at least an Indian in the committee. In that case, why not leave it to your so-called ally to put up the Chinese as well as the Indian, and you concentrate just on Melayu?

K: Amp.. ......, I really want to have one Chinese from my party in as well.

H..: One Chinese from your party, or is it THAT particular Chinese?

K: T...... is so perceptive and absolutely right.

H..: I don't like the way your party treats Indians as if there are your mandores. But well, do what you think is right. I have had enough of your nonsense.

K: Menjunjung kasih, but may I drop your name here and there, if only to deter my ally from making too much noise?

H..: Boy, I am glad I am not in politics. You bastards make me sick with your treachery.

FMT - Jangan heret istana kemelut lantikan Exco Sgor

... Mohamad Munir [Setiausaha Sulit Sultan] berkata Sultan Sharafuddin pada 14 Mei lalu telah menitahkan Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim mengemukakan senarai Exco untuk diperkenan.

Selaras dengan peruntukan undang-undang, Abdul Khalid telah berjanji untuk mengemukakan nama-nama Exco setelah berbincang dan mendapat persetujuan daripada ketiga-tiga parti komponen dalam tempoh satu minggu.

Mohamad Munir berkata, Baginda pada 20 Mei lalu telah menerima surat mengandungi senarai nama Exco semasa Abdul Khalid bercuti membuat rawatan di luar negara.

“Menteri Besar Selangor hanya menghadap bagi mendapat perkenan Sultan Selangor pada Isnin 27 Mei lalu selepas beliau kembali ke tanah air.

“Oleh itu tidak benar tohmahan oleh seorang Ahli Parlimen Selangor yang menyatakan kelewatan pelantikan Exco disebabkan memenuhi kehendak Sultan Selangor,” katanya.

Kenyataannya itu dipercayai ditujukan kepada Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam Khalid Samad yang mendakwa kelewatan itu kerana Sultan Selangor mahu melihat nisbah Exco yang berlainan pada kali ini.

Now who's been naughty to HRH and fibbing to DAP? Khalid Samad or Khalid Ibrahim?

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