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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, May 31, 2013

MIC: The only solution is to set up IPCMC

MIC has lambasted Minister in Prime Minister's Department Paul Low for refusing to establish the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), stressing that it is the "only answer" to ending custodial deaths.

"Low would be well advised to engage with the Indian community before meddling - well-intentioned or otherwise - in matters of this nature," MIC national treasurer Jaspal Singh said in a statement today.

Jaspal said Low's statement on the IPCMC being unnecessary was "premature" and that the Indian community was angry about thedeath of N Dharmendran in police custody.

NONE"The recommendation is for the IPCMC to be implemented immediately. It is clear that no party, in law enforcement or otherwise, can be expected to police itself.

"The system breaks down, it is abused. The existence of a system of checks and controls, enforced by an independent party like the IPCMC, is the only answer to ending these brutal killings that so shame us," Jaspal said.

He also criticised Deputy Minister in Prime Minister's Department P Waythamoorty's call for the suspension of the policemen involved in custodial deaths.

Calling Waythamoorthy "the loud but hollow leader of one of the many Hindraf splinter parties", Jaspal said the suggestion would make no difference to the general public who want to see the arrest of the policemen responsible for the deaths.

"It would indeed be a tragedy if the prime minister entrusted an ‘Indian affairs' department to this slow-witted upstart," he added.

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