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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, May 31, 2013

So you want to HARTAL, eh? Can we start with the lying newspapers?

many-colours-one-dreamlies1Yes, Mahathir, ex-judge Mohd Noor, Ibrahim Ali and Zul Noordin are at their most evil when they spew their racist speeches, hoping to sow discord and hate between the people.
It is the mainstream media, though, that take those messages of hate into the most remote of homes, where there is little likelihood of access to any form of alternative news.
It is reported that there were at least 60,000 out at Amcorp Mall for the Himpunan Suara Rakyat 505 last Saturday.
Were you out there, and, if you were, were you amongst those who agreed to my urging that we boycott the mainstream media?
I mentioned 6 newspapers that we ought to boycott.

Last Tuesday, though, just before I got re-arrested, I attended a meeting where evidence was presented to 3 of us from ABU that persuaded us that, for now, no boycott be carried out against the Chinese media that I had named and that we instead monitor them closely.
Can I take it that the boycott of Utusan, Berita Harian, Star and NST is on?
This weekend, many of you may be heading back to the kampong, having got your salaries.
Could you please help explain to the kampong folk why this boycott has been called?
ABU flyers explaining the boycott will be out shortly and will be uploaded at the website. I will alert you when they are available so you can do the necessary.
As we all know, these newspapers rely more on advertisements than on circulation for their income.
We are monitoring these papers and, on Sunday, we will announce a list of advertisers and will call for a boycott of their establishments / products for the whole of next week to kick off our Hartal of advertisers.
I will be writing to those advertisers to inform them of the boycott and the reasons for the same and to inform them that :
1. the one week boycott is to show them we mean business and that they should take the boycott seriously;
2. we hope they will take steps to cease advertising in these newspapers. This would include cancelling advance advertisements that have been arranged and paid for; and
3. we will resume the boycott against their business if they continue to advertise in these newspapers.
I can only help to initiate this effort.
Its success or failure is entirely in your hands.
- The People's Parliament

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