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Saturday, November 30, 2013

An ex-journalist himself, yet Palanivel makes it tough for the press to do their work at MIC meet

An ex-journalist himself, yet Palanivel makes it tough for the press to do their work at MIC meet
MELAKA - The 67th General Assembly of the MIC, the third largest party in the country, which officially opens today reveals various restrictions being placed on journalists at the hotel where it is being held.
Media members appeared quite disappointed to being 'confined' in the press room which was located in a remote corner where their movements were 'limited' making it difficult for media personnel to move about in the course of their duties.
Photographers were given only two to three minutes to videotape or take pictures of delegates casting their votes.
This is the first time the MIC has strictly restricted photographers, allowing them only the first two minutes to shoot or take pictures of party president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel casting his vote before being asked to leave the voting area.
Bernama TV photographer Abu Kassim Chik expressed regret over the photographers being treated in such a manner making it difficult for them to carry out their responsibilities and work.
"This is the first time photographers were given just two minutes to record the voting process. This made our work very difficult. We journalists regret this regulation," he told Bernama when met at the media centre at the Equatorial Hotel here, today.
M.Sunthar, a Tamil Nesan photographer, said he was surprised by the new rule which will only made the photographers' work more difficult.
"This is because we often take turns to take pictures of a leader. In the event, we are only given two minutes, how can we all record or take pictures of the MIC president voting.
Meanwhile, one of the vice-presidential candidates Datuk M. Saravanan also expressed regret over such treatment of the media. – Bernama

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