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Friday, November 29, 2013

tengok muka bangla ni betul-betul, -- bangsat ni cuba DOTDOT gadis melayu 13 tahun

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This is for friends, families, neighbours and everyone who wants a safe home.

Today, 24/11/2013, at 6:05pm I received a call from my thirteen year old, youngest sister saying that she was being followed by this man. She was out alone and was walking home. She realised this man was following her because he was stopping at every stop she took.

She continued to asses if he was really following by taking another route home. And he was still behind her. So she stopped to call me and he stopped too. That was when she finally knew he was tailing her. 

I told her to go to a crowded place, which was then the NTUC fairprice, Rivervale Plaza entrance. I called out for my 2nd sister and we made our way while keeping our youngest sister on the phone all the time.

We found her at the traffic light junction and this man was standing just beside her and instinctively we knew that he was the one.

My 2nd sister went straight to my to console her as she was already it tears, frightened. While I went straight to the guy, face to face and shouted "Why you follow her?!" He pretended to be on his phone and looked away while the rest of the pedestrians were staring at me. And I bet you, I was thunderous loud! I stared at him while he crossed the road to the opposite side. When all of this was happening, my 2nd sister saw 2 more Bangladeshi men emerged, approaching this man.

I am not sure if these people operate in groups, but to have this happen in broad daylight in a known safe neighbourhood, it is ALARMING. I have always heard or read such incidents from acquaintances but for it to happen to my own sister,it is darn scary and eye opening.

Please dear people, NOTE his face. If you see him around and he is not following you then LOOK OUT for the people around. He might be tailing someone else.

He might not act now, but REALLY let's prevent any unnecessary incidents that we might regret one day. Let's share this picture to alert one another!

May God keep us and our loved ones safe. Amin...

Raudah Abdullah

Sebarkan agar kaum wanita dan gadis lebih berhati-hati dengan bangla ini atau mana-mana bangla sekalipun. Jangan lupa banyak kes bangla jadikan gadis melayu bahan dagangan sesama mereka.

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