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Saturday, November 30, 2013

PKR, even Azmin, is not against pay rise "IN PRINCIPLE" but did MB inform them of ACTUAL QUANTUM?

PKR, even Azmin, is not against pay rise "IN PRINCIPLE" but did MB inform them of ACTUAL QUANTUM?
KUALA LUMPUR - Elected PKR representatives in Selangor were divided down the middle on the issue of the salary and allowance increase for the menteri besar, executive council members, speaker, deputy speaker and assemblymen.
Pandan member of parliament and PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli criticised the move, tweeting that the party leadership had not been consulted in the decision, adding that the increment was "definitely too high".
"I am more concerned that the party leadership was not consulted at all in this decision when it has serious repercussions to the party," he tweeted yesterday.
Why no consultation, what's there to hide?
Rafizi said even the best menteri besar in the world should consult and be accountable to party leaders.
Although Rafizi was in support of a pay increase for both assemblymen and parliamentarians, he said the quantum had to be sensitive to people's hardship.
"We cannot be criticising Barisan Nasional (BN) for being careless with people's money, then give (the) impression that when it comes to Pakatan, its okay."
He added that the salary hike should be reviewed, as even in the corporate sector, no company would award a 300 per cent pay hike.
Not against rise but quantum is too high
Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin, in questioning the basis of the hike, said there should have been a standardised increment for the new salary and allowance.
"There should have been full engagement with relevant parties on the hike, because everyone has the right to know. If the hike was 200 per cent, then all should have had the same amount of increment.
"I think the previous salary was a little low considering the work carried out by the representatives, but I do see the disparity between state executive members and assemblymen, which is too high."
State assemblymen will see a pay cheque increase of 87.5 per cent, while exco members are to receive a 231 per cent hike.
In contrast to Rafizi and Zuraida, state assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh tweeted: "I didn't say I should be paid more because I have only one house and one car".
The salary hike for the speaker will see Hannah receiving RM22,500, a 373 per cent increment from her current salary of RM6,109.29.
Yeoh, who is Subang Jaya assemblyman, declared her assets of "co-owning one terrace house with her husband, a Kia Sorento car with no other side income, no diamonds, no contracts and no private jets".
"My husband has no role in any state agencies. My two babies have only toys and are not involved in any companies or doing business with government."
No objections in principle but were they informed of actual quantum - did Khalid mislead his own party?
Hulu Kelang assemblyman Saari Sungib said in terms of the work carried out by representatives, the hike was justified.
"People have to see the numbers for the budget. Selangor's budget is RM1.85 billion, with RM430 million in reserve for 2014, so there is enough and will not burden the people.
"The matter was discussed in a meeting, and I think the menteri besar has done his homework before announcing (the matter)."
Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong refuted allegations that Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had not consulted party leadership on the pay hike.
She said Khalid had brought up the issue at a special PKR central committee meeting last week and had informed party leaders that it would be based on the 75 per cent allowances increase for Sarawak assemblymen.
"The reaction then was that, in principle, they had no objections.
"Whoever has been saying they did not know, or was not consulted, were, perhaps, not at the meeting." - NST

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