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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fear over return of the outsiders

YOURSAY 'Mah, stop calling me an outsider when I was born and bred in Teluk Intan.'

Mah: Don't let outstation voters decide town's fate

Survivor: Gerakan chief Mah Siew Keong, you are digging your own grave by suggesting that people originally from Teluk Intan whose parents and siblings are still in the town should not vote. Where is your sense of democracy?

Besides, you should ask why those people living outside Teluk Intan had to leave the town to go work somewhere else.

Are you also suggesting to Umno Baru that those people from the kampung who support Umno Baru should not also return home to vote?

James1067: If enough investments were brought in to Teluk Intan, these people would not have to look for greener pastures elsewhere. With Mah serving so many years as a politician in the ruling BN shows that not enough has been done for Teluk Intan.

Please don't insult these sons and daughters of the town and look where things have gone wrong. What assurances do they have after BN failing for three terms to make a difference?

Justice Pao: These outstation voters were born and bred in Teluk Intan and they have to go elsewhere to work extra hard to support themselves and their families, unlike those Umnoputras who have a free ride on the gravy train.

These ‘outsiders’ have the right to decide the future of Teluk Intan and tell their elders to follow them.

Sakit Hati Ku: Mah, what gives you more right than a Teluk Intan resident working outside? You were a two-term MP, did you create any new jobs for them to encourage them to stay back?

Remember, no one likes to be away from home, unless under inevitable circumstances. Unlike you, they are not born with a golden spoon.

5295: What outsiders? Our children are forced to seek employment elsewhere because there are no jobs for them in Teluk Intan under BN rule. What's wrong with earning outstation money to help their families?

Anynomous: Mah claims he has experience as a two-term assemblyperson in Pasir Berdamar, but has not done anything to improve Teluk Intan's economy.

If there were jobs in the town, the youths would not have to migrate elsewhere.

Speaking Sense: Mah, why are the Teluk Intan street lights and roads all in poor condition after 50 years of Umno-BN rule?

Why could you not do anything about it when you were a minister in the past? Who is responsible for the present state of the town?

Even when the people gave Pakatan Rakyat a chance to form the Perak government, your Umno stole it back from them and put Zambry Abdul Kadir and his cohorts in charge.

Caesar: What do you mean by "outsiders" - as long as they are registered under Teluk Intan then they are eligible to vote. It’s as simple as that. Isn't blocking registered voters from voting an offence?

And you were MP for two terms before, and now you are saying Teluk Intan street lights are in poor condition, and so forth. So what have you done during your term in office?

You mean to say you will take care of things only when voted in? I think you are talking nonsense.

ACR: The roads, lights and what not should be maintained regardless of which party wins the seat. And it is a disgrace for a candidate in an MP seat to talk about such trifles. That is what local councillors are responsible for.

If these are the issues Mah intends to look out for, Teluk Intan deserves better.

Ong: Mah is confused between an MP and a local councillor. Besides, an outsider today can move back to Teluk Intan tomorrow and become a local, and vice versa.

Peacemaker: Will Mah stop calling me an outsider when I was born and raised in Teluk Intan? He is the outsider compared to me and I'm 68 years old.

Just because I now live with my son in Kuala Lumpur does not make me an outsider. I can show him the best ice kacang man and the tastiest rojak in Teluk Intan. So please shut up, Mah.

Anonymous_3f6d: As a senior politician, how can he call outstation voters outsiders? Aren't they Malaysian too? Don't they have a right to have a say about the future of their birth place?

Anonymous #33877536: Mah, please don't insult the outstation Teluk Intan voters. They are also Teluk Intan citizens who help the town financially by sending money home to their parents.

Ksn: Outstation voters do not have the same right as resident voters?

Are you so afraid that outstation voters are informed about what Umno Baru-BN has been doing, all the abuses, the vices ... the list is too long to record here.

Oracle: Calling outstation voters "outsiders" is like saying overseas Malaysians should be disenfranchised, and urging the elderly not to listen to their children is just the type of Umno mentality that, apart from sowing discord within families, is designed to keep constituents ignorant and backwards.

Why not abolish television and the social media and urge parents not to educate their children? -Mkini

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