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Friday, May 30, 2014

Probe Rayer for ‘sedition’

Umno leaders in Penang are persistent with their call to investigate RSN Rayer for calling Umno 'celaka'
RSN RayerGEORGE TOWN: A local Umno leader has called on the authorities to investigate and charge DAP’s Seri Delima assemblyman RSN Rayer for sedition for his infamous “celaka Umno” remarks made during the state assembly session on  May 20.
Echoing the call by state Opposition leader Jahara Hamid of Barisan Nasional (BN), Pulau Betong legislator Muhamad Farid Saad said it was only just and fair to allow the law to take its course against Rayer.
He insisted that Rayer was the cause of the ruckus that followed the next day, in which a group of Umno youths gate-crashed and stormed into the assembly meeting hall.
Umno Youth held the noisy demonstration to demand an apology from Rayer for uttering “celaka celaka Umno ini … kurang ajar … biadap” during debate session.
Farid pointed out that three demonstrators led by Jelutong Umno Youth chief Jasmani Noordin apologised for storming into the meeting hall immediately when they met up with House Speaker Law Choo Kiang during a closed door discussion held minutes after the incident.
Farid, who was present during the discussion, said the trio apologised to Law of PKR before the presence of state executive councilors Chow Kon Yeow, Phee Boon Poh and Jagdeep Singh Deo, all from DAP, and Jahara and Umno’s lawmaker from Pinang Tunggal Roslan Saidin.
“But until now Rayer has been arrogant, stubborn and unapologetic.
“The whole incident would not have taken place if not for Rayer.
“If the youths involved in the demonstration were detained, probed and charged, it’s only fair and just for the law to do the same on Rayer.
“The person who provoked the fracas shall not be let off the hook.
“Rayer has caused disharmony and a threat to public order and security.
“He should be investigated and charged under the Sedition Act,” said Farid after visiting the under construction Penang Hill eight storey car park site here today.
While Rayer has lodged a police report on the incident, several Umno members have also lodged reports against him for using seditious words against Umno.
Although Rayer was protected under the assembly immunity, Farid said there were several cases in the past where contemptuous unparliamentary comments were punished under the law.
‘Kancil car park’
Earlier Farid expressed doubts that the PDC Consultancy Sdn Bhd (PDCC), a subsidiary of Penang Development Corporation (PDC), would be able to complete the Penang Hill car park by Aug 31 this year as scheduled.
He noted that the building’s final eight floors were yet to be constructed while the other lower floors were hardly finished to enable the project to be completed on time.
PDC has said this week that the project was 65% completed and work was going on schedule to meet the Merdeka Day deadline
The RM11-million project was originally scheduled to be completed by Nov 25 last year but could not meet the deadline due to huge underground boulders.
The car park,which will house six stories of 312 parking bays, and a storey each for commercial lots and office space, replaces an earlier demolished RM5 million completed car park, which was commonly criticised as the “Kancil car park.”
The “Kancil car park” was demolished due to flaws, including steep ramps and small parking bays.
Pointing out this, an unconvinced Farid said the car park was a potential “monument of Penang ‘CAT’ government’s failure” to plan and deliver even a simple and small project.
“How can people of Penang trust them to deliver the undersea tunnel?” he asked ?

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