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Friday, May 30, 2014

Mah: Don't let outstation voters decide town's fate

TELUK INTAN The BN candidate for the Teluk Intan by-election has urged locals not to let outstation voters decide the fate of the town.

Mah claimed the outstation voters, whom he tagged as “people from outside”, are a pro-opposition group that didn’t care about local problems.

“Why is our future decided by people from outside?” he asked when addressing some 200 Indian NGO members today.

Mah had previously stated that 30 percent of the constituents were residing outside Teluk Intan, and he had urged the elderly local people not to be influenced by their outstation childrenwhen voting.

According to Sin Chew Daily, Mah said the children, who stay and work in other cities, do not know the local issues and problems in the constituency.

Outstation voter jitters

Elaborating, Mah said he encountered five voters yesterday in Pasir Bedamar who have returned from Johor to vote.

He claimed they had told him that they only wished to vote for DAP without caring anything about Teluk Intan.

“I said, your parents stay here, the roads, the street lights are all in poor condition. Don’t you care about your parents who are staying here?” said Mah.

He also reminded the attendees that the constituency was left behind in progress, and an MP who could solve local problems was needed.

The BN candidate said based on information he has received many outstation voters are planning to travel back to Teluk Intan to cast their ballots tomorrow, and he urged the locals to influence more people to counteract this.

“The future is in your hands. I hope you all could call and talk to your families, your relatives (and) your friends for Teluk Intan's future.

“Otherwise there will not be enough votes (for BN),” he added.

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