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Friday, May 30, 2014

Tunku Aziz is a master of gratuitous unsolicted advice.

Tunku Aziz is a much respected man. Urbane, speaks and write impeccable English. He is also a member of a royal family. In addition he is an elderly person. In our culture we respect the older ones. I have been reluctant to write against Tunku Aziz because of these considerations.

However he has been relentless in his attacks on DAP almost to the point that he sounds very personal. Let us try to understand Tunku Aziz.

He speaks entirely in English so that I am not sure of the accuracy of the translation of what he said. He has advised Dyana Daud to be wary of DAP and not allow Dap to make use of her as they did him.

Tunku Aziz was appointed as vice Chairman of DAP because he has showed some affinity with DAP’s thinking. He was a crusade on transparency and corruption which are also important causes for DAP.

But because of differences and perception that he was mistreated he left. What happened to him is an object lesson for the Malays in DAP no doubt, but his case was a particular one. It’s not capable of general application. Tunku Aziz turned out to have a temperament that exceeded normal accommodation. DAP cannot bend backwards to accommodate Tunku Aziz who seems to think he is bigger than life. In DAP everyone is treated the same. Some are more prominent, some less. The lesser ones make no fuss about it.  

If Tunku Aziz thinks that because you are a Malay and the DAP must provide special concessions because of that, then don’t join DAP. The Malays in DAP who have not made it to the top will eventually do if they worked hard and demonstrate some qualities that are appreciated. They cannot be expected to serve as window-dressers. Each must earn his or her place; I think everyone who joins DAP understand that. There are many more Chinese who are satisfied at playing the ole of supporters and dedicated party workers.

We don’t want Dyana Daud for that matter any Malay MP in DAP to turn out to be another Tunku Aziz. I am a Malay MP and a member of the DAP- the DAP does not babysit you. I am very much conscious of that.

I have already explained- there is a practical reason for fielding Dyana Daud. Of course it’s intended to attract Malay support. There is nothing wrong in that. It’s also part of an on-going process to tone down the image of DAP. It has been described a chauvinist, racist, communists and all that. The choice of Dyana Daud is seen as a means to mitigate the extreme descriptions. Now, whether this is regarded as ulterior or otherwise is irrelevant. Tunku Aziz’s unsolicited advice is also irrelevant.

We want to get as much Malay support from the Malays. We don’t want to get the Tunku Aziz Malay type.

UMNO has gone berserk because its monopoly on the Malay mind is threatened. That alone explained the vehemence and intensity of attacks on Dyana Daud. Because Dyana Daud can become an inspiration of other brave Malays to join DAP. Once in they will realise DAP does not aspire to create a Chinese state.

It is unfortunate that Tunku Aziz who shares many similarities in political thinking as the DAP found more reasons to part ways with DAP. We are not going to roll on the floor regretting his decision. Let him fight his battles in his own way and we, ours.

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