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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today The People of Teluk Intan make History by voting in the youngest MP

Today is last day of campaigning.

I have just come back from the final day of our campaigning in Teluk Intan. I did two ceramahs just now. One was at the OCBC square by the Chinese Temple. The square was filled with thousands of people. And it was only 8pm.

The other one was at a Malay stronghold in Kampong Banjar. In the last GE, Kampung Banjar went to the DAP candidate with a 480 vote majority. That showed the superb work carried out by our PAS comrades. In this election, I feel support from the Malays for the DAP candidate will increase further.

Teoh Nie Ching was the first speaker. She is an engaging speaker who rounded up her rousing speech with a medley of songs. The lines I remembered best were

Lengang Lengang Kankung,
Marilah makan kankung,
kerana kangkung harga nya murah.

Outstation voters are feared by Mah and BN

The outstation voters are back. They want to contribute to making a change. They see the symbol of change in the DAP candidate, Dyana Daud.

These outstation voters come from all over Malaysia. If they want to come back, what does this tell you about tomorrow’s outcome? By 9pm tomorrow, Dyana Daud will become the youngest MP in Malaysian parliament.

The second speaker at the OCBC square was the MP from Seremban- Anthony LOke. A fiery speaker with a booming voice, he quickly aroused the crowd with his rapid fire and spirited rendition. Anthony loke is a superb speaker switching effortlessly between Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin. Tomorrow we are going to vote as Malaysians for a Malaysian candidate.

I was the 3rd speaker. By which time, the audience was enlarged by the attendance of Malay voters and supporters. My message was simple- that tonight we are all united in our commitment to stand up against corruption, injustice, unfair dealing, the bullying government. These universal ideals unite people of different races and creed. Let us send a tigress into parliament tomorrow.

BN admits they can’t get much of Chinese voters. They know Dyana Daud has earned respect and votes from Malay voters. Their only hope of bridging the gap is to get the Indian voters. Last night as I sat down with friends, including UMNO lawmakers- they said tonight, we are buying the Indian votes.

Perhaps they can get additional Indian votes. But seeing the responses from the crowd at various places and admission from UMNO foot soldiers, today the people of Teluk Intan choose to be with the DAP candidate.

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