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Saturday, May 31, 2014

It’s now ‘seditious’ to lambast Umno leaders

YOURSAY ‘Jahara, what sedition? Don't you understand parliamentary immunity?’
Rayer must face sedition action first, says Jahara

Fair Play: Penang Opposition Leader Jahara Hamid, by opening her mouth has declared to the right-thinking rakyat that although a lawyer by profession, her knowledge of the law is found wanting.

Broadly speaking, an offence under the Sedition Act is a criminal offence against the government and an act calculated to create interracial tension among the various communities.

Since when Umno is the government or a race. Has it morphed from a political party into a government institution or the Malay race without anyone's knowledge? I suppose by Jahara's logic, it was.

That's why she wanted DAP state assemblyperson RSN Rayer to be charged under the Sedition Act.

On the other hand, storming the state assembly while in session is a criminal offence of the highest gravity. Even a first-year law student knows that.

Disgusted: What kind of logic is that? Umno leaders have put themselves on the pedestal  higher than royalty.

Although it may be true as most royalty are beholden to them, does it warrant a charge under sedition.

Is only Sedition Act to be used against opposition to Umno-BN for the flimsiest reasons?

CQ Muar: If the commonly accepted word like "celaka" is seditious, then I needed to seek my solicitors to take legal proceedings against my parents and grandparents (if alive), including my teachers, who were the ones who taught us this "polite" reprimand or exclamation.

Yes, Jahara, this country belongs to you all in Umno, whilst the others, including non-Umno Malays are not true Malaysians.

By your foolish logic, this country belongs solely to Umnoputras and their elites, therefore go right ahead - sue while you can.

Wira: Jahara, what sedition? Don't you understand parliamentary immunity? The House will punish its own members. It is not for the courts to intervene. In fact, no court has the right to intervene.

KR: Yes, Rayer can't be charged with sedition because the law doesn't allow for it. Jahara being a elected representative doesn't know this, and she is the state opposition leader.

However, the law does have provisions to charge 'criminals' with the intention to harm, it's called criminal intimidation.

But giving Jahara the benefit of the doubt, I hope someone can ask her these two questions:

1. If the intruders had come to apologise, why did they barge into the state assembly even after the police had tried to stop them?

2. If they had come to apologise, why did they vandalise the opposition party's headquarters and openly threatened that they will burn the building.      

Anonymous_3f4b: In a sensitive multiracial setting, the loud mouth and obtrusive Rayer should apologise to cool things down.

What is the point of shouting expletives in the state assembly when it does not help the cause of arguments but instead create animosity and hatred.

The House speaker has been slow to act in the heat of the moment. The state assembly is for mature and intelligent debates not for tarnishing and condemning the image and status of political parties.

This equally applies to both BN and Pakatan majority assemblies.

StrainingGnats, SwallowCamels: Anonymous_3f4b, that's true. That said, you are straining gnats and swallowing camels.

Do you have an understanding of the point of contention? Do you have a sense of proportion? Or, are you deliberately misdirecting the discourse to another matter with the goal of re-directing blame?

By all means, say that Rayer was impolite. But how can you justify the storming of the state legislative hall and the threat of violence and arson?

Whatif: When people say rude words to you, you do not whack the fellow and threaten further violence. The most you should do is to return the favour or sue.

A refined person would just state or explain his/her stance and let the people decide.

Sabahan: But the way, how they behaved is ‘kurang ajar’. You know how Umno has provoked the other races on a regular basis and yet those other races did not behave in a ‘kurang ajar’ manner.

Can we say that Umno members do not know how to bring up well-mannered kids?

P Dev Anand Pillai: Rayer did the right think by calling them with the "c" word, now almost all words which don't go down well with Umno will be interpreted as being seditious by the police and then in turn will be seen in the same light by the AG (attorney-general) and thereafter a dubious charge made in a court of a compliant judge.

Abasir: So Jahara, why did you apologise? Please retract your apology because Umno Youth and Malay NGOs did no wrong.

It is the DAP that's making a mountain of a molehill. PM Najib Razak and minister Khairy Jamaluddin should also retract their statements about “excessive reactions”. -Mkini

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