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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Like police, EC too in ‘wait for report’ mode

YOURSAY ‘Can't the EC act by itself, given all sorts of irregularities?’

EC: Lodge report over hampers and buses

Headhunter: What is the point of lodging a report if nothing will be done? Would the Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof come out and state clearly what would be the consequence to the culprits if found guilty?

Not a single election has gone by without allegations of bribery by BN and yet not a single case of prosecution or punishment has been meted out.

Shanandoah: Giving cheap fares to outstation voters is vote buying, according to the EC, while ferrying voters free of charge to polling stations is not.

Tell us how are you able to remain as head of EC for so long with the kind of brain you display.

Louis: Ferrying voters to vote has been practised even during the first election in the country. The then-Alliance party used cars to carry my parents and grandparents to voting centres.

So what is wrong if DAP uses buses to ferry voters back to Teluk Intan to vote, a practice started by BN?

It is a different story altogether when it comes to giving hampers to canvass for votes. One without legal knowledge can tell it is outright bribery. But I bet EC would say otherwise.

Negarawan: It is well-known that the EC is acting like a BN component party, but what is even more regrettable is that EC officials are taking a passive role and not an active role in regulating the election process.

Why is the EC always in the "waiting for report" mode, rather than constantly monitoring and taking action against offences?

The attitude of EC chief Abdul Aziz is not that of excellent public service, but that of subservience to Umno.

CiViC: Abdul Aziz, are you not a citizen of Malaysia? Can't the EC act by itself, seeing all sorts of irregularities during elections? If any normal citizen can initiate citizen arrest on criminals, why can't the EC take action on these allegations?

So what the EC is saying is, they know what is happening, they see and hear all the “allegations” but they are not going to do anything unless someone reports and even better produces hard evidence leading to prosecution (in the case of the opposition), or denial and explanation by the EC itself (in the case of BN).

Ace: With the EC, we Malaysians can be fortune tellers. What we see in our crystal balls is this:

If BN wins, giving out free hampers is okay (I help you, you help me). If DAP wins, providing subsidised bus is a very serious election offence. The by-election results will be nullified.

Onyourtoes: This is sad - it shows the government has completely failed Malaysians.

In the midst of the glittering Petronas Twin Towers and expansive Putrajaya, so many of our citizens could still be influenced or bought over by a cheap bus ticket or a pack of rice or a bottle of cooking oil. What do all these show - ignorance, greed, stupidity, or poverty?

In whatever measures we use, this is not a nation on the verge of greatness. Now the favourite term of all the scumbags is “make report”, knowing that the report will come to nothing.

Mosquitobrain: The EC chairperson should be damned if he cannot differentiate between the offering of food hampers, freebies and bus services at low fares.

One is to give away something in return for a favour. In short, to buy votes (irrespective of party they will vote). The other is to provide transport to voters. In short, as a convenience for the return of higher turnouts.

Using the same logic, higher turnout does not necessary mean one will vote for that particular party.

EC chairperson, do not dilly dally. For once, please use your kidney to think. Show us your intellect.

Whatsup: DAP, it’s time to be very careful as the EC is out to get you all on technicalities and disqualify your candidate.

Umno has too much to lose with Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud contesting under DAP. So be smart, don't push it, knowing the EC works for you-know-who.

Disgusted: Hey Abdul Aziz, the bus service offered by DAP is not for DAP supporters only but for anyone, including BN voters, to return to their hometown if they are registered there to vote.

As the people’s vote is a secret except for BN as suggested by Home Minister Abdul Zahid Hamidi, DAP will not know who they will vote for, nevertheless they are giving everyone an opportunity to vote, especially the poorer rakyat who cannot afford the fare to go back. So is that bribery?

You are an absolute idiot if you don't understand that. I wonder how in the world you were made EC chief. Anyway Umno-BN needs idiots like you so that they can control you easily.

Cogito Ergo Sum: What good will lodging a complaint with EC bring? In fact, going by past records, the complainant will be the one probed. That's how ridiculous we have become.

My Opinion: EC? You mean Electoral Corruption? -Mkini

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