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Friday, May 30, 2014

No gov't funding for Europe, fumes Ibrahim Ali

The Malay rights pressure group Perkasa has denied receiving any government funding for its expansion to Europe, which begins tomorrow with the launch of its London branch.

“Perkasa has received not even a single sen of government fund for the launch and formation of Perkasa UK and Europe,” Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali said in a series of angry SMSes today.

The messages, full of curse words such ascelaka and babi, were in response toMalaysiakini's ‘Yoursay’, a compilation of readers’ comments on Perkasa’s European expansion, which was published yesterday.

Perkasa had previously admitted to receiving government funding for other projects, and some of the readers questioned whether this was the case for its overseas offices as well.

The article titled ‘Are taxpayers funding Perkasa's European foray?’ clearly riled the fiery lobbyist.

“Damned headline. Malaysiakini is truly the bringer of slander and the Antichrist (dajjal). Who wrote this?” he said in one SMS from London.

“That insolent headline. Where did Perkasa get taxpayer funding? This headline is very malicious and makes readers angry.

"Malaysiakini is really a dog or swine. The way the headline is written is malicious towards Perkasa…

In another SMS, he ranted, "Malaysiakini is a ‘prostitute’ site with no self-respect.”

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