With tears flowing, former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin told BN division leaders in Pagoh that he will not retaliate.

"I will not fight back because I love this party very much," China Press quoted him as telling those present.

The Umno deputy president urged everyone to place party interest above other considerations and not to act based on emotion due to his removal.

If this happens, Muhyiddin, who is the MP for Pagoh, said it would be detrimental for both the party and nation.

According to China Press, the 68-year-old politician could not fight back tears when relating how his family felt as a result of his axing.

Muhyiddin said due to his involvement with politics over the last three decades, he missed out on spending time with his children, like taking them to school and so forth.

"Now, my family is concerned about my situation," he added.

The meeting, held at the Pagoh Umno division office, was attended by some 800 people, including local MCA and MIC leaders.

Muhyiddin was dropped from the Cabinet by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on Tuesday, some 48 hours after the former number two made a hard hitting speech about 1MDB.