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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Malulah Malaysia !!

If you search Yahoo for "M'sian PM sacks deputy" you will get this and more :

Not too long ago, until 2003, anywhere we went we were proud to be Malaysians. Europe, the US, anywhere in the Middle East, in Asia etc whenever people knew you were a Malaysian they gave us some extra regard. Ada hormat lebih sikit.

Now we have these village monkeys messing up the country.  The latest bunch of wooden cabinets have also been installed. Morons. 

First under Badawi and now the worst is under Najib, our country is becoming infamous for corruption, plain imbecile stupidity of the leaders, human trafficking, illegal aliens, Nigerian scammers, transit points for jihadi terrorists, drug smuggling, money laundering, religious extremism, racial extremism and all kinds of rubbish. 

The economy is just grinding to a halt. The Ringgit is now stuck below RM3.82 to the US$. Here is US Dollar / Ringgit at 3:53 PM today:

Mat Maslan Otak Tang Lutut, 'MYR' maksudnya Ringgit Malaysia ok. Bukan 'Mak Yangku Romantik'. Itu lain ok.

The cheaper the Ringgit the better for the country he says.  So 1.00 USD = RM5.00000 should be even better for the country Mat Maslan. Betoi tak? 

Lets play a joke on them folks. The morons will not understand. 

The following is from Scotland, a very far away country which is the "home of Scotland Yard". Even in far away Scotland, the Scottish mouthpiece The Scotsman has written a story on Najib. You can click on the link but here is a gist :

That stinky smell is following him.

  • Malaysian PM sacks man investigating him
  • Najib Razak is under fire over money going into his account.
  • Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak, stung by allegations that he received some $700 million (£448m) in government money, yesterday fired the attorney general who had been investigating him and a deputy who has been among his most prominent critics
  • Mr Najib is under increasing pressure over leaked confidential documents 
  • show money went into his personal accounts
  • It shows deep desperation on Najib’s side
  • He announced deputy Muhyiddin Yassin will be replaced 
  • Yesterday, terminated services of attorney general Abdul Gani Patail
  • Critics slammed Mr Gani’s abrupt removal 
  • cast it as attempt by Mr Najib to avoid prosecution
  • The purge commences. The attorney-general is replaced. 
  • not answering allegations but removed critics not a good sign
  • Mr Muhyiddin critical of 1MDB’s massive debt 
  • on Sunday night repeated his call for Mr Najib to explain
  • Mr Gani replaced ..months before due to retire in October
  • Mr Gani said he had not been aware of decision
  • Mr Gani confirmed earlier he received documents that linked Mr Najib and 1MDB
  • documents show US$700m wired ...into Mr Najib’s accounts
  • Mr Najib has not disputed accounts or receipt of funds
  • documents pave way for criminal charges, first for a M'sian prime minister
  • Apart from Mr Muhyiddin, also dropped Shafie Apdal 
  • Shafie, a vice president also critical of 1MDB saga
  • support for coalition eroded in past two general elections
So this is the news about Malaysia that is now common all over the world. Malulah Malaysia.

This is what we have become and it is getting worse.

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