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Friday, July 31, 2015

Muhyiddin must remember a Malay adage, 'berundur setapak untuk melonjak tiga tapak kehadapan'

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Among the BN legislative members, Najib has the upper hands compared to Muhyiddin. Muhyiddin's effort to oust Najib may only be good when comes the UMNO election as Muhyiddin has the upper hands within UMNO. For Muhyiddin to come forward immeadiately to oust Najib in near foreseable future is not possible as he has not enough numbers in the Legislative body, Parliament. 

Muhyiddin can only see the prospect to oust Najib only after the next General Election, and it will only if he can contain the support from members and divisional leaders by the time the party election comes by in 2018. More often than not a leader without the government positions will see his support evaporates to the thin air in no time. 

It is going to be stiff effort to get Najib stuck to his misdeeds through legal and investigations as the members of the investigation team are either sacked or be bought over by Najib. Nur Jazlan was critical on Najib and 1MDB, but he now works with Najib and pledge to give full and undivided support for Najib to return the favor that Najib gives him to be a Deputy Minister in one of the controversial and debatable Ministries in the government. He resigns from the PAC chairmanship gladly and instantaneously. 

Anyone who aspires to take on Najib as the Prime Minister has to have the support of the opposition front. This is where Muhyiddin's weakness is. Muhyiddin is not magnanimous enough to lead a nation that is populated by diversity of races and cultures. He is only an adaptable leader within UMNO and he has only Malay that he is familiar to work with.

Muhyiddin can only become a Prime Minister with two conditions. The first condition is that UMNO and BN can still hold on to power after the next General election and secondly if he can oust Najib as rthe President of the UMNO in the coming party election that will only be held after the next General Election. The question now is whether Muhyiddin will be listed as BN candidate by Najib in the forth coming GE. 

If Muhyiddin has the intention to get the opposition to rally behind him to topple Najip through the Legislative Parliament is a day dream for him. Muhyiddin does not have the numbers to oust Najib through Parliament and if attempts to go through it now he is going to crash before even taking off. 

While he (Muhyiddin) is busy in search of mode and manner of ousting Najib the desperate Prime Minister may be able to find a logical and legal manner of circumventing Muhyiddin's move. We must remember a desperate democrat can turn to dictatorship if his popularity is doomed like we obviously witness now. He may even manage to find good reasons to put Muhyiddin out of UMNO within days.

The only face-saving device that is available for Muhyiddin to upkeep his pride of his political dignity is to assist and back someone or anyone who has the numbers to get Najib moved out as early. Of course Muhyiddin has to own up the fact that in the process of saving this beautiful but but badly managed nation there must be an element of personal sacrifice for the time being. 

Muhyiddin must remember that there is a Malay adage, 'berundur setapak untuk melonjak tiga atau empat tapak kehadapan'. Muhyiddin should know this. He is no novice in politics.

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