YOURSAY ‘Or perhaps the confession of Lester is more credible than ex-DPM.’                                                                                                      

In leaked video, ex-DPM says Najib admitted to RM2.6b

FellowMalaysian: By removing Muhyiddin Yassin and Mohd Shafie Apdal from the cabinet, PM Najib Razak has finally severed the tenuous link the dissenters of 1MDB among Umno leaders has with the rest in the party.

They are indignantly annoyed and resentful of Najib's sly and vicious move against the DPM.

This video recording of Tuesday night's impromptu gathering at Muhyiddin's residence is an immediate reaction from Muhyiddin's supporters, which sent sending a chilling message that more will be disclosed.

Having finally culled the 'renegade' leaders and replacing them with yes-men, Najib will obviously be expecting some show of defiance from those who are affected by his seemingly 'unjustified' action.

The implosion of Umno has begun and it was set off by none other than Najib himself. It will not be just fireworks that we will be witnessing as we await the unfolding of a highly-charged drama.

Quigonbond: Simply spectacular. This is indeed an Umno internecine war. It would not have been so bad for Najib if he said the money was just channeled through his bank accounts for the purpose of Umno's election machinery (from Umno's perspective).

But I guess he is still being honest about it. It may not be for his "personal" benefit, but for the benefit of the one who holds his strings. It makes sense for Umno leaders to bring him down now because then the party as a whole can salvage its reputation by saying they actually stand against corruption.

But in order to bring him down, they have to dismantle Dr Mahathir Mohamad's system. There is perhaps a glimmer of hope yet that democracy will return to Umno, and by extension to Malaysia.

In the meantime, we can expect Operasi Lalang II ala Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Anonymous #19098644: We now have direct evidence from a former deputy prime minister that Najib has allegedly admitted to receiving the RM2.6 billion in his bank accounts. It follows that he is the only person who can then authorise the movement out of his accounts.

The task force, the attorney-general, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) should summon the former DPM to testify under oath. Similarly Najib should be summoned to answer this direct allegations of criminal behaviour and money laundering.

The cabinet ministers must now be asked if they are ‘Malaysians first’ or ‘Najib’s stooges first’?

FairMind: I'd like to see and hear from the IGP (inspector-general of police) which of the two video confessions - the two bankrupts, Ramesh Rao and Lester Melanyi (tampering of evidence) or the ex-deputy prime minister (a lot of money in bank accounts) is more credible.

The IGP was quick to remand The Edge's owner and CEO and the home minister issued travel ban to several MPs based on the confessions of the bankrupt Lester Melanyi. I'd like to see how the IGP, home minister and MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) wriggle themselves out of this video confession of the DPM.

But I'll bet my last dollar that the IGP would consider the confession of Lester more credible than the DPM. That would put the IGP's professionalism to the test and I'd love to see his facial reaction when he does that.

Negarawan: When RM2.6 billion of public money is credited into a personal account, it is embezzlement. When that money is spent for personal use or for the wife and family, it is theft.

An embezzler or thief belongs in jail, not in the government. The Wall Street JournalSarawak Report and The New York Times have concluded all the necessary investigations with solid evidence and verified documents.

The honourable ex-DPM has also stated that the perpetrator himself had allegedly admitted to the embezzlement. The rakyat demand for the resignation and prosecution of the perpetrator, and the freezing of all his personal and family assets.

Jean Lee: I wonder why the video is only 53 seconds. Why so short? Did they discuss what the money was used for and who got the money? Or whether Umno or BN allows the president to hold the money in trust?

I’m really eager to hear more of what was discussed at that private meeting. Of course, there are no guarantees of what Muhyiddin said is true. He is not exactly very pleased at Najib at the moment.

Or worse, what he said may have been taken out of context since the video is short and we don't know what was said before or after that.

Vijay47: What an idiot Najib is. All he had to do to get this issue out of the way was to proudly admit that the funds had indeed been banked into his accounts but were for the benefit of Umno.

Now what could be holier than that? With such a defence, no court in Malaysia or the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) would have found him guilty.

Remember businessman Michael Chia, the man connected to Sabah's Musa Aman, who danced from Hong Kong with RM40 million in his suitcase?

Kangkung: In the past, they can say that the revelation of the transfer of US$700 million into Najib's personal accounts was a plot to overthrow the government but now the ex-DPM himself said Najib had confessed.

What are the agencies (the police, MACC, the newly-minted AG, etc), who have the power to investigate, doing?

Anonymous 122461436161429: The authorities here are being threatened and stifled. First it was the auditor-general’s report which was not in Najib’s favour so it is not being made public.

Remember it was Najib who suggested the auditor-general to come up with a immediate report.

Then it was the PAC but it was not going his way too and Najib has since fixed that. Also Najib created the special task force on 1MDB and hoped they will save his skin but the task force has turned into a loose cannon so immediate action had to be taken to disband it.

Bluemountains: Najib has no choice now but to sue Muhyiddin. If he does not sue Muhyiddin, the rakyat cannot be blamed for making the conclusion that RM2.6 billion had in fact been deposited into his accounts.

Further, the police have no other choice but to question Muhyiddin to determine the accuracy of the information and to act on the wrongdoing, if any.

Hang Babeuf: Now this video comes out. That is the problem with firing people.

As someone once famously said of FBI chief J Edgar Hoover [before deciding, at the last moment, not to fire him], "I would rather have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in."

Well, the pissing from outside has begun, it seems. -Mkini