YOURSAY ‘Najib's reshuffle is outright sabotage of the two on-going investigations.’

Nur Jazlan to help PM regain public confidence

CHKS: Newly-minted Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed, when you were in the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), you were one of those in BN who still seems to have some integrity and respect.

But you should not be talking like this - that you’re going to help PM Najib Razak to regain public confidence. There is a conflict of interest here. Your statement implies that either:

1) You are prematurely saying that the PM is not guilty even before the 1MDB probe result is released or

2) PM is guilty and you are helping him to cover up.

Either way, you are saying something detrimental to your integrity and it certainly doesn't seem to help to uplift the image of PM.

While it's not wrong to be a deputy minister, I hope you have not been bought over and that you are making the right decision.

Lone_Star: Nur Jazlan, just remember this, you are a MP, elected by the rakyat, to do right and good for the rakyat.

Ensuring that the PM regains the rakyat's confidence is not your number 1 job. He too has to do right and good for the rakyat, and that is something only he can do on his own.

You are not his publicity man, even public relations czar Lim Kok Wing gave up recently. Have you forgotten? Forgetting that is okay but do not forget your duty to king and country, and rakyat.

Versey: Nur Jazlan, do you think you, your good self, still have public confidence? Don't you think you need to take care of your own credibility and integrity first before you can help the PM to regain public confidence?
Apa Ini: No hope there, Nur Jazlan. When you bite the bait so swiftly and drop the PAC investigation, you sold your soul.

Never mind restoring public confidence in the government, you have no chance now of restoring public’s confidence in you. Shame on you.

Anak JB: What I thought was the last of the young bright sparks in Umno which looks seemingly independent is another wolf in a sheep skin.

What an opportunist. He has used PAC to get himself a cushy position. Hear me, Nur Jazlan - there is no honour among thieves.

Mantra888: Nur Jazlan, what a great disappointment. You sing a different tune now. Help PM restore people's confidence in the government? Are you insane?

You were supposed to settle the 1MDB matter first before assuming the deputy minster's post which you declared unequivocally the other day, didn't you?

Why all BN ministers like to lie? Restore people's confidence, my foot!

Nur Jazlan slammed for putting off 1MDB hearing

Kingfisher: Nur Jazlan was the hope of many who desired for an objective investigation of the 1MDB scandal. His pledges that he had high moral ideals for the PAC and his role in the committee were seen as a welcome relief by many.

And yet he has disappointed many by his willingness now to relinquish his responsibility to assume a government minister’s post. What a sad loss.

Abdul Kalam, a former president of India, who passed away on Monday was reputed to have said that there is no other more dignified responsibility to serve the people than to serve in the interest of one's nation. Nur Jazlan has, it seems, in his opinion made a choice.

Apa Ini: Najib's cabinet reshuffle is an outright sabotage of the two on-going investigations. Who said recently there's no honour between crooks? We thought Nur Jazlan would prove the exception. Sad.

He was so close to being the most respected Umno man among the people. But no, not now, not ever. He's lost it by abandoning 1MDB for a junior ministerial position.

Daniel: This proves that the PAC should be headed by an opposition member of parliament instead of someone from the ruling party to prevent potential sabotage of its investigations just like in this case. Most of the first world democracies practice this.

Laura Goh: Probably the PAC will have to re-organise if Nur Jazlan and Reezal Merican  Naina Merican are no more suitable to be in PAC.

Same thing goes to DAP MP Tony Pua - he has to get out from PAC hearing on 1MDB issue because he met former PetroSaudi International executive Xavier Andre Justo and whistleblower website editor Claire Rewcastle-Brown before the 1MDB issue is highlighted in the media.

Just_A_Rakyat: The PAC chairperson should hand over all relevant files to his deputy and normal operation of the committee must continue if we are serious about the issue.

The Mask: This move by Najib has removed all doubts about his guilt in the 1MDB fiasco. Even a schoolboy can see this.
Those people who cannot fathom this must be the most moronic people on this earth. Those who have been promoted, especially those investigating the 1MDB, know very well they have been bought to stop them from revealing the truth.

I hope these people who have sold their souls to the devil can sleep well at night.

Anonymous #37366381: I suggest Nur Jazlan read his late father memoir, ‘Umno: Akhir Sebuah Impian’.

In the book, Mohamad Rahmat concludes, “Umno has jeopardised its image with power grabbing, money politics, bribery and excessive racism by certain leaders... Umno must reform or I fear the end of the dream (for the party) will really happen.”

Indeed, selling one’s soul for personal gain is the end of the dream. -Mkini