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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Muhileaks: What the latest video grab proves ...

Muhyiddin: I asked him (Najib) from whom? He did not mention siapa nama dia, from somewhere in the Middle East.

Berapa banyak? Lepas tu dia ..(inaudible)... susah nak kiralah. Dia kata 'a lot', 'a lot'. Then saya kata kenapa masuk account you? ...(inaudible)...kenapa masuk account Najib Razak? Duit berapa? 700 million US dollar.Kalau kali tiga point something... 2.6 billion that goes into his personal account. Ini dia sebut. He admitted. So I said why did you put into your personal account? 
Read the Malaysiakini's piece h e r e.

This is the second "leaked" video since May featuring former DPM Muhyiddin Yassin talking behind his boss' back (he's still Najib Razak's deputy in the party) and people are saying there will be more, not as many as Wikileaks but enough.

If Muhyiddin is to be believed - on the part that Najib had accepted money from a party or parties in the Middle East - then what it really proves is that Wall Street Journal's insinuations that the US$700 million had been 1MDB's money were simply not true.

This is important.

We've been hearing stories about how the money had come from sources in Abu Dhabi, parties that wanted Najib Razak's government to continue ruling Malaysia. Muhyiddin has now confirmed that this is the case. That the money did not come from or belong to 1MDB.

In his official responses to WSJ's claim, Najib has maintained that he did not take any 1MDB money for personal gain, that the Wall Street Journal 's aim was to incite malice, backed by certain quarters in the country whose aim is to make him step down as Prime Minister and Umno president.” [Read full story h e r e]
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