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Friday, July 31, 2015


All you need is one person to instigate trouble and all hell breaks loose. Past organisers have said troublemakers are implanted to incite trouble. Do not blame anybody because you give them the platform to unjustly behave.
Karamjit Gill
Various different groups from ‘Demi Malaysia’ to ‘Bersih’ are planning a series of street rallies against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and the Malaysian government. People are being instigated to come and participate in the so called peaceful rallies to voice their displeasure against the government. However, the police have issued a stern warning against illegal gatherings and said they would not hesitate to take serious actions against offenders and those who threaten national security.

Do street rallies actually help?
Malaysia, in particular Kuala Lumpur, has witnessed several street rallies over the past years. What was deemed peaceful rallies all eventually turned violent. Has anything changed so far? The only thing that has happened is Malaysia gets highlighted for violent street rallies internationally. Has that brought any negative impact on the government or politicians? Online petitions to the White House against the Malaysian government were signed. What was the outcome? Barrack Obama still came to Malaysia to tighten international bonds with us. Najib still goes to the U.S and plays golf with Obama. Narendra Modi still meets Najib and continues to invite Malaysia to invest in India. China still intends to increase trading relationship with the government. David Cameron still continued trip to Malaysia. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is still rotting in jail. So what has been achieved?

Consequences of street rallies
Street rallies are nothing but a nuisance to the honest business owner who works round the clock for a living. Properties are vandalized, rubbish thrown everywhere, people get hurt and daily businesses incur surmounting loses. You only trouble the very people you claim you are fighting for. Face the fact. There will always be one rotten apple in any basket. All you need is one person to instigate trouble and all hell breaks loose. Past organisers have said troublemakers are implanted to incite trouble. Do not blame anybody because you give them the platform to unjustly behave.
When videos of violent street rallies are shown on television or social media worldwide, all it does it create fear in foreigners coming to Malaysia. Tourism definitely takes a beating. Foreign companies shudder to invest in Malaysia. Worse still, international companies close down their hub in Malaysia and shift to another ‘safer’ country. What happens? Retrenchment ensues. The economic status of the country goes haywire. Consequently, the value of the ringgit falls, inflation and taxes increase. In the long run, the same people who walked the streets suffer. Politicians continue to live the normal life.
A small handphone issue in Low Yat recently escalated to racial tension. Imagine what would happen if someone intentionally stirs such sentiments in a street rally especially in trying times currently? If things get out of control, the organisers and the participants should shoulder the responsibility then.

Shall we just keep quiet then?
Obviously not. That in itself is a bigger crime. There are constitutional ways to overthrow the government. Tap into your brain and figure out how to do it. If you do not have the thinking capacity to do it, then do not cause more harm by running on the road. Exercise your rights at the ballot box. Work instead on your free time by going to areas of BN strongholds and convince the people to vote against BN. It is definitely the harder option but it is the right one. If 52% voted the opposition but was still not enough to form the government, then work for 70%. Unless of course you intend Malaysia to adopt a culture where rallies are held even if ‘Pampers’ price increase, then go ahead with your street rally.
Imagine families who have booked for holidays in Kuala Lumpur. Imagine police officers who have planned and paid for family trips. Everything needs to be cancelled. Can the organisers and those who want to participate in these rallies pay compensation for these families from their own pocket? If you think that the police are lopsided against the opposition and permissions are not granted, then encourage your children to be police officers. Quit your current profession and apply for a job as a police officer and uphold what you believe is right.
Hitting the street hosting rallies are not going to change anything. It is nothing but a publicity stunt. It is an emotional reaction and not an intelligent one.

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