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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Covid-19 claimed almost ten lives a day this month


COVID-19 | The first month of 2021 recorded 289 deaths due to Covid-19, or approximately 9.6 deaths a day.

The number of Covid-19 related deaths in January is 2.6 times higher than what was reported in November and December 2020 (111 each month respectively) when the pandemic peaked in Sabah.

For context, in 2019, there were 4,148 fatalities caused by road accidents in Malaysia, or an average of 11.5 road fatalities a day. 

Transport accidents are traditionally the fourth-largest cause of death after heart diseases, pneumonia and cerebrovascular diseases.

In January, the Klang Valley region (Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya) amounted to 46.4 percent of Covid-19 related deaths, followed by Sabah (20.4 percent) and Johor (11.1 percent).

The same month saw Covid-19 deaths in Selangor, Sabah, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan that were disproportionately higher than the respective region's share of the population.

Since the pandemic began in early 2020, the Klang Valley region has accounted for 26.4 percent of the total Covid-19 related deaths and 43.9 percent of the nation's cumulative case count (214,959).

However, the region with the highest Covid-19 death toll was Sabah (42.5 percent) and 22.73 percent of the nation's cumulative Covid-19 case count. - Mkini

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