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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Why the long wait for Proton X70 SUV spare parts?


The Proton X70 SUV. (Perusahaan Otomobil National pic)

This is now becoming a rising concern for Malaysians who ordered their new Proton SUV in the past two months or so.

The waiting list for the all-new Proton crossover, the X50 has already breached the nine-month waiting time and this is not surprising as the bookings are now past 34,500 units and counting.

What is surprising is the waiting list for the Proton X70 SUV which was launched more than two years ago and is being produced at Protons’ factory in Tanjung Malim as a Malaysian national car.

The delay is said to be due to the lack of parts coming in from overseas. Then there is also the issue of accident-damaged Proton X70s that are waiting for exterior panels to arrive.

The Proton X70 SUV. (Perusahaan Otomobil National pic)

As recent as a week ago a www.dsf.my reader who had an accident with their Proton X70 could not get a replacement front bumper and was advised to wait 2 months for the part to arrive.

This is a local assembled car with a vast pool of local parts manufacturers. So, why is there an issue to get a replacement front bumper.

Various automotive bumpers have been made in Malaysia for years and this is not a high technology item like a computer chip or an engine part.

Meanwhile, the issue of long waiting time for exterior parts for the Proton X70 is not new to DSF.my. Over the past year DSF.my has managed to fast track parts for some frustrated readers who wrote in about the slow response from some Proton dealers.

It is hoped that the situation will be looked into immediately by the after sales team at Proton and Geely as this is not the right way to revive a brand. - FMT

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