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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Of the 11,453 latest Covid-19 cases, 69 percent were Malaysians


Of the 11,453 new cases of Covid-19 recorded since Friday, 69.9 percent of them were Malaysians.

This is amid continued controversy over condominiums and apartments barring foreign tenants unless they get tested - which the government said is allowed.

The testing requirement, and the government's decision to allow it, has been criticised as not being based in science.

"(It leads to) the same issues of a false sense of security plus the need for repeated testing. It should suffice standard operating procedures (SOPs) are enforced in all common spaces in the condominium complex," former Health deputy director-general Dr Christopher Lee tweeted yesterday.

"We should provide guidance based on good science and data," he added.

Based on data provided by the Health Ministry, only 31.1 percent (3,561) of the new cases reported in the last two days were foreigners.

On Friday, 28.2 percent (1,615) of the 5,725 cases reported were foreigners.

On Saturday, 33.9 percent (1,946) of the 5,728 cases were foreigners,

Of the 47,388 Covid-19 patients under treatment, only 16.2 percent (12,313) were foreigners.

Foreigners also only make up 36.1 percent (75,715) of the 209,661 cases of Covid-19 since the pandemic reached Malaysian shores.

Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said there is no policy requiring apartments and condominiums to screen tenants.

However, he said the government will not stop the management of residential complexes from requiring foreign tenants to get screened to safeguard other residents, as it was private property. - Mkini

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