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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

YOURSAY | Chinese letter omission – preventive measures needed


YOURSAY | 'Mah, what you have done is corrective action, which is commendable. But…’

Mah intervenes after Chinese letters dropped from SJK(C) signboards

Bogus Reformasi: Deputy Education Minister Mah Hang Soon, in management we have something called corrective action to resolve problems as well as preventive action to prevent their recurrence.

What you have done is corrective action, which is commendable. But where is your preventive action?

This drama (of having Chinese characters dropped in school signboards), although not the first language-related issue, will not be the last. Why?

Because issues affecting the non-Malays at best only stay at the corrective action level and then the file is closed. Look at the Timah whiskey issue (in which the cabinet eventually allowed Timah whiskey to keep its name).

Without preventive action, it is natural that they will repeat the wrongs in the future as and when the situation suits the racialist politician.

Preventive action is sorely needed to investigate and name the initiators with punishment appropriate with the sin done.

So Mah, please don't stop at the surface of the wayang kulit (shadow theatre), go and get the big fish and nail the problem if you are sincere in what you say, although the right action may not be politically correct.

If you do, you will be remembered as a true Malaysian who is willing to sacrifice your political future to do the right thing, unlike the other current and former MCA ministers and deputy ministers.

OCT: This type of mistake shouldn't happen in the first place.

MCA, which is part of the government, should be consulted first before removing the Chinese letters from a school signboard if the government respects MCA and the Chinese community.

This shows that a state government can ignore and disrespect MCA. This snubbing of MCA speaks volumes – that the party is irrelevant in the administration.

No wonder, the Chinese always say that the MCA is useless even though it is part of the government.

There’s also no respect for the Chinese community. After so many years in the BN coalition, MCA has not been proactive in protecting the rights of the Chinese. It has always been reactive. This is not the reason the Chinese vote for MCA.

A good partner in the coalition must have respect from other parties. MCA must put its foot down that all Chinese-related affairs should be reviewed by MCA before implementation.

MCA should also review all matters regarding the Chinese community and rectify any abnormalities. Don't just sit in the government and shake your legs. Do something positive for the Chinese community.

OrangeKancil6903: It looks like little Napoleons are running the Pahang Education Department.

By pushing for signboards only in BM and Jawi, they ignored the status of vernacular schools as recognised in the Federal Constitution resulting in incurring more expenses to do another set of signboards.

The auditor-general’s yearly audit on the state Education Department will definitely be negative for wasting unnecessary public funds.

Low Class Coolie: This is another blatant encroachment of Chinese rights (which is guaranteed under the Federal Constitution). From liquor to 4D ban and now Chinese characters on SJK(C) signboards… this erosion of our rights will escalate until they push us all off the cliff.

Beggar the Chinese to prosper the dominant race is never enough like the recent demand for "strategic locations" of outlets in shopping malls.

Easy123: It is not okay to blatantly disregard the sensitivity of other races. Yes, we support BM. But for Chinese vernacular schools, at least, let them have the Chinese characters.

Libra: A group is demanding the removal of a cultural heritage which existed all these years and the Keluarga Malaysia government is silent. It does not seem to have the guts to stop such infringement of minority rights.

WhiteMoose0037: The standard of education has deteriorated and here we are changing signboards… As if it will improve the standard of education in Malaysia.

Unity minister sidesteps SJK(C) signboards issue

Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka: "This matter is related to responsibilities of the educational institution. Even at school level," said National Unity Minister Halimah Mohamed Sadique.

Halimah, unity cuts across the fabric of society. At all levels. It must bind us all as a unified nation and not be bound by anything else. Not racism by racists, for sure.

How are you even a minister, let alone the unity minister? You don’t even know that more than any other ministry, yours must be at the forefront and champion the rectification of this issue.

Mazilamani: What exactly are the meaning of unity and the function of such a minister? It is in situations like this where Halimah is expected to exert her authority as a minister.

Shouldn't she be speaking directly to the education minister to settle the absence of the Chinese characters on the school signboard?

Haul up the state education director for the decision that has offended the Chinese community.

This is definitely a disuniting decision. Don't turn it into a political issue.

Newday: She is a typical government politician. You had the opportunity to live up to your national unity portfolio and declare the action of the Pahang Education Department to be against national unity.

But no, you instead defaulted to BM as the national language and nothing else. You contribute to our disunity.

BlackJaguar6029: Halimah, you are paid by taxpayers to be the unity minister. If you refuse to address this unfair issue directly, then please resign.

Have some integrity and step down, the taxpayers do not need to pay a deadwood minister. There are too many already.

Lamborghini: Indeed, if you can’t even handle a straightforward case of racial discrimination, don’t talk about national unity.  - Mkini

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