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Friday, December 31, 2010

BN making people hates them!

  • I believe the regular readers of my blog, would have sensed that off late my write up has been more accommodating in defending BN and whatever they have been doing. That is my character. If you do good I say you do good but if you do bad, I will scorn you. I have criticized PR quite a fair bit because of the party polls fiasco. I got myself closer to the BN folks in the process. Like millions of others in this country, I am fed up with the unfinished politicking in this country especially when it comes to petty issues which are aimed at scoring political mileage and not focusing on the people.

  • My researched on Gapurna/Puncak Wangi/Azmin Ali shows me how dirty Malaysian politics are. It is my conclusion that FMT was used by AA recent enemies from the heart of Damansara to tear him down. That case actually straightens my thinking a fair bit. I have decided that I will not join politics and will remain as an NGO to championed people issues. I don’t have the necessary skills to be a politician in Malaysia.

  • Since the issue of the appointment of Selangor SS was highlighted, I sensed a strong Déjà vu of the Perak episode recurring here in Selangor. The many legal eagles who have been giving their comments about the issue in my blog have their own view. I am not a lawyer but I appreciation of the issue of law is simple. From the moral and constitutional point of view, I am clear in my mind the current Perak government is illegal. The former MB loss of support has not been established in the state assembly and Sultan has acted beyond his powers under the law. I have no doubt about that and for that reason my banner remains black.

  • This morning, I was shocked to read that the Selangor Palace has sent out invitations to Kushrin appointment as the SS which is to be witnessed by the Sultan. The yearend shocking news shows how the palace has interfered in the administration of the State. The people interest has been placed secondary and no respect has been given to the due process and the laws. The law is clear that the SS is to be sworn in by the MB and not the Sultan. The Sultan is interfering in the administrative process.

  • In my mind, the Selangor palace has gone overboard with their actions. It is not much different than in Perak and these two royals has initiated dangerous precedents which threaten the long term survival of the monarchy system in Malaysia. Now I begin to appreciate why Mahathir took steps to control the monarch. The monarch failed to take into account that BN may not rule this nation for ever. It takes an endorsement in the State Assembly and change in constitution to further limit their powers. Mahathir has given the people the unobstructed path to the legislators just to do that. One wrong move, I sensed that if PR wins the next GE, the powers of the Sultan will be further defined. There will be a long list on what they cannot do!

  • The law clearly states that the SS swearing in to be done by the MB and not by anyone else. I guess what will happened is that the palace will invite Khalid to the event and automatically Khalid presence can be interpreted that the MB was present during the swearing in of the SS and therefore it is legal. His failure to attend will played by the media as disrespecting the Sultan. It is a catch 22 position. Maybe the MB should consider falling sick and get himself hospitalized on that day?

  • Right now, the short sighted move by BN is damaging all the good work that Najib does. Perception index on Najib has improved in certain segment of the society. I guess APCO people have done their homework in forecasting the outcome and preparing a counter strategy in controlling the damage. They must have done the scenario planning and comes out with plan A, B, C etc. I am watching the development of the SS closely. If Kushrin does get appointed and sworn in by the Sultan than BN will lose my vote. I would encourage the Sultan to stand for election in any constituency that he chose.

    courtesy of Rights2Write
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