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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Please investigate this report thoroughly

Mid last week, Rocky’s Bru carried a story about a “VVIP raping his maid”. It sparked one of the most sensational controversies in the bloggosphere for 2010. Fellow right-wing bloggers jumped into the fray of discussing these allegations.

Then we received this report about a woman name “Robengah”.

Robengah Report I

Robengah Report II

Robengah Report III

We cannot be certain these allegations were true. However, it is about a VVIP somewhere in the pedestal of His Majesty’s Government.

We hope an investigations were carried out. His Majesty’s Government could not afford such scandal. It is politically and diplomatically catastrophic. Malaysia maintained excellent bi-lateral relations with Indonesia and it is a great shame if a VVIP also ‘abuse’ his maid, just like previously highlighted and even convicted maid-abuse cases.

The alleged person must be exonerated if he is innocent. However if he is guilty, then he should face the music.

We vehemently disagree about the penile limb of a man. It is about the attitude and ‘animal-like behaviour’. Millions of Malaysian heads-of-the-family employ female domestic helps to sort out the affairs in the household. So few of them ‘impose’ themselves onto these domestic helps. So if a VVIP is or had been doing this also at some point of time, then it is extremely unacceptable. Just like when a Deputy Prime Minister was sacked on 2 September 1998.

The ruling party which have enjoyed the mandate and trust of the rakyat and confidence of His Majesties since the Federal Constitution came into force must do the right thing again, if these allegations were true.

courtesy of "Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit" Guy Rambles......

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