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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RM265k Taxpayer's Funds For Demonstrations

By Syed Akbar Ali.


That is what Apanama has put up on his Blog. You can read for yourselfhere. And it appears to be the Selangor State Government that is spending so much money on organising demonstrations and campaigns. What a riot? They organised the recent "Demonstrasi Membantah Air" or something, the one that began from the Masjid Negara and ended up handing over a memo to the iron gate of the Istana. RM265,000 to protest water issues?


I say kawan, panggil lah Pemuda UMNO. The last time they hijacked a demo (at the Aussie High Comm organised by Bujai - I was there) it only cost the Pemuda nasi kandar for the 150 or so kids who came along - including overgrown kids like Parpukari.


This is actually another case of 'Wag The Dog' going on in Selangor. Rumour has it that more of this type of 'diversions' are being planned by Liwat and cohorts in Selangor to cover their bungles, cover their behinds and maybe to cover their tracks too. Jeng jeng jeng. Stay tuned folks. Things are buzzing in the air.


When they took over the State Gomen, the Pakatan Riot fumbled big time, very very big time by giving 20 cubic metres of free water to Selangor consumers. Unfortunately for them, Rozali Isohak (Syabas) is a lot more cleverer than a pail of water. OK the people no need to pay, but someone else has to pay Rozali Isohak for that 20 cubic meters of "free water". Takkan Rozali Isohak nak kasi free bro? So who pays for the free water? It was the Selangor State Gomen - using taxpayers funds. I think they are facing some cashflow constraints now.


Instead of just letting the consumer pay for his water bill, Khalid Ibrahim told the consumer they need not pay. But the State had to pay. Now isnt that silly? You let your revenue stream run dry and at the same time you drain out your savings to pay for the consumer's water bill. Thats a double whammy folks - kena depan belakang. This is what Khalid Ibrahim learnt from his vast corporate experience ??


Now you spend RM265,000 taxpayer's money to organise campaigns, demonstrations and yes street riots too, to protest water issues. Saya rasa bangkai gajah tu besar sangat bro. You cannot cover it up with daun keladi.

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