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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wikileaks Selangor: Khalid rejects Kushrin because he has a cousin waiting

For all their posturing about Ketuanan Rakyat, Pakatan sure is screwing the people royally with stunts such as rejecting a straight-cut civil servant for the Selangor Menteri Besar's relative for state secretary.

Ask anyone in the Civil Service and they will tell you that if you are a wayward somebody you would hate Kushrin's guts because he is someone who doesn't stick just to the spirit of the law but clings on to every letter passed by Parliament.

This was why, when Kushrin was Selangor State Religious Department director he didn't care that Datuk Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin or MAZA is a former mufti of Perlis when he arrested the popular personality for giving religious talks without authority in the state of Selangor.

This is also why Kushrin had no qualms about advising the Sultan that his Highness is correct in not wanting mosques to be used as political stage for anyone.

One would have thought that a Government that values transparency and accountability above all would rejoice upon receiving Kushrin as the most straight of the straight talkers as State Secretary, he would hide nothing and favour no one.

Apart from the fact that the Menteri Besar is showing unforgivable disrespect to the Sultan by refusing to man that His Highness has favoured as State Secretary. Khalid needs to remember that he is administering the state on behalf of the ruler within the context of a federation and the State Secretary is the state administration's link to the Federation.

Khalid's father did not agree to the setting up of our constitutional monarchy, none of us did, we did not have the power to agree to it, the Sultans agreed to the system of constitutional monarchy. They signed off each state's constitution and Selangor's Undang Undang Tubuh makes no provision for the Menteri Besar to choose or in any way determine who is the State Secretary.

Just to prove that I am not talking out of the wrong orifice, here is a scan of the Selangor State Constitution

Click on image for full size scan
Article 52 clearly states that the State Secretary shall be appointed by the Civil Service Commission from amongst members of any of the relevant public services.

Khalid can, of course, argue that Datuk Mohd Arif Abdul Rahman may be a more senior member of the Selangor Civil Service and should be given priority but there is a problem there.

Arif is related to Khalid and this could cast aspersions on His Highness' State Government, I am sure that the service commission had considered this possible faux pas and decided that it is best to give the position to someone that is known as a straight arrow and has the blessing of His Highness.

Recent revelations in APANAMA and Melayu Bersatu and The Unspinners indicate that the Selangor State may have indulged in activities that are openly against the laws of the land, more specifically the Public Order Act.

Whatever its critics may say, the Public Order Act is put in place to ensure peace and orderly conduct of the citizen of Malaysia and anyone who has observed world events know that peace is the foundation on which everything else is built including stability, progress, civil development and everything else.

In fact this little document indicates that Khalid may have gone beyond the boundaries that Arif himself would have been willing to cover up. Khalid's decision to officially finance street demonstrations would have put Arif, as the state financial officer in hot water.

Read the above document carefully and you will see that Khalid's actions have yet to receive the state financial officer's endorsement...

As a senior civil servant Arif would not be foolish enough to sign any procurement document that is issued for the purpose of funding or is directly related to the organisation and execution of a street demonstration, he knows that the government, whether state of federal can never be part of such an act.

Even if Arif is Khalid's relative and stooge I find it difficult to believe that he would sign the procurement papers

Unless of course the MB has him by the short and curlies...

Here are some of the things that you may find interesting;

  1. Arif is on the board of Kumpulan Semesta, the state monopoly that has been accused of being sand thieves themselves. Read it HERE
  2. Arif and Osman Omar are directors of Worlwide, a company that received RM6.5 million from the state Government for a landfill project in Sg Kembong, Beranang. The Federal Government had already paid RM2 million for the project, why the state had to pay more than three-times more for a project that was already done is beyond us, read it HERE

Khalid's decision to officially fund the street demonstrations using state money shows is that the current Selangor Menteri Besar is incompetent to hold office as he fails to understands that the administrator of a state should not be the promoter of anarchy or street rule.

From the above document, only the Menteri Besar is implicated as it indicates that the company hired to produce leaflets for the street demonstrations were appointed by the Menteri Besar's office and the MB's Department.

Khalid is strung to dry alone on this one.

As a closing remark I want to ask this question... Do you think Azmin had a hand in this leak? after all if Khalid falls, Azmin rises.....and remember Azmin Anwar and Azizah was nowhere to be found during the demonstration...it was purely Khalid and his DAP handlers....

courtesy of Marahku

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