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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Please Investigate this report thoroughly"

A DATUK SERI .... Now Zakhir Mohamad, the Umno blogger, has published what he says is the NGO report made in 2007 on the claim by a former Indonesia made that she was raped by her VVIP ex-employer. This is the report said to have been sent to the Indonesian and the US embassies as well as to the Prime Minister's Office when Pak Lah was PM.

Go to his blog here for the rest of the report.

The Unspinners , a top right wing site, has called for the Minister's resignation.

p.s.Big Dog and The Unspinners' latest postings remind me of Bujai's question, Are we helping PR to win Tenang seat? Are these pro-Umno bloggers providing the ammo for the Opposition during their campaigning for the Tenang by-election?

Are they? I don't think so. The Opposition has this report in its possession for a while now.
Ask Husam Musa, if you don't believe me. They were going to use it as a "weapon" at the right time. Or, at least, that was the plan. Now that the pro-Umno bloggers have exposed this, the element of surprise is gone and this has ceased to become a potential weapon that could promote anyone's political agenda.

And why should it be a political weapon, in the first place? This is an alleged crime by an individual against another. It should have been dealt with back in 2007!

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