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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NATIONAL STUDENT ASSEMBLY 11.1.11: Students Of The Nation, Unite!

By The Worried Student

PMN 11.1.11

Be part of history. Be part of change. If you are a student, from any university or college, register now for Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Negara and to join Malaysia’s first mega-scaled Students Parliament on 11.1.11.

This nation has a rich and colourful history of student activism. Such activism has brought about change to marginalised communities in the past but it has since been wiped out from our history books by belligerent academics and university administrators. Recent events have again put Malaysian students in the limelight. Students who have voiced out, who have questioned the status quo, who have taken part in the democratic process of this nation have been victimised and persecuted for putting into practice their fundamental rights.

The Universities and University Colleges Act 1974, the Educational Institutions Act 1976 and other laws have been used as tools by the Establishment (the Haves) to silence students (the Have-Nots) for they fear the students, they know that students have the inherent power to change things they don’t like. And so, university autonomy is dead. Academic freedom is dead. Ask Azmi Sharom. Students of this great nation have been robbed of their idealism. However, the greatest crime of it allis that apathy has been allowed toreign.

Apathy amongst students is a result of ignorance and an effective system that seeks to popularise apathy. As a result, we have become victims of our own doing. This reign of apathy must end. We must remind ourselves that we are a part of a larger community, one that we owe a responsibility to.

The struggle for our rights and liberties to enable us to uphold our responsibilities is paramount. But so far, it has been done disparately and ineffectively.

It is now time to ORGANISE.

Read more at: http://www.loyarburok.com/human-rights/stupid-me/national-student-assembly-11-1-11-students-of-the-nation-unite/

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