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Friday, December 31, 2010

Pakatan's Handicap Match vs BN And How They Blew It

1. No need for me to elaborate further than to say that Pakatan officially has 3 parties compared to Barisan Nasional that has 14 component parties together. This means that they have bigger resources for campaigning and they don't even give a shit on the election budget of campaigning, as stipulated by law - a maximum of RM 100K / 200K per candidate, depending on whether it's state or parliament level. And in the aspect of manpower, it has become clear that PR is outnumbered 5 to 1.

2. Recently, several quarters including MCLM and Human Rights Party Malaysia have come forward to offer themselves qualified candidates that could help to booster the young coalition. The Waythamoorthy brothers-led HRP have offered 15 candidates to stand in Indian-populated Parliamentary seats - which is better if they are to go head to head vs MIC. MCLM is going to offer at most 30 candidates to contest in the general elections. The Socialist party too have done that already, and they have got representatives in Kota Damansara and Sungai Siput.

3. The one thing that is sure from this is that these people can contest under the PR ticket. The only catch is that they have the right to say yes or no to whatever the party's decision on some policies and so forth. It is a give and take thing that PR has yet to come to terms. Batu Sapi would not have become a three-corner fight if Anwar gives Teck Lee all the clear run to contest in that area itself.
4. Many people still misinterpret these groups as the "third force" despite clear debunking of the claims by several people including Haris. These parties in are not trying to spoil the vote or to make the contest a three-corner fight. Instead the main objective is to supplement the pool of candidates available instead of having one politician being in two places, e.g: Teresa Kok, Khalid Ibrahim, Azmin Ali etc..Basic fighting strategy tells us that you are in a severe disadvantage at start of the fight if you do not have enough numbers to face multiple opponents in a fight. Though I clearly see a misinterpreting sign by the

5. Sometime ago, Barisan Nasional has major infighting in several component parties that is hardly reported on the main mass media. Unfortunately, Pakatan was still unable to seize the advantage and instead got themselves into infighting, particularly during the PKR elections itself. Fallouts and rages still keep going on and on, with the latest being Gobalakrishnan whacking Anwar Ibrahim left and right. What makes it more worse is that PR is unable to discern its enemies and its allies properly. There are backstabbers out there where they can be hinted by saying all those sweet words that can make someone getting too complacent. This is illustrating by saying that those who are willing to help PR out is sabotaging their efforts compared to UMNO. But remember, many supported PR not because of their love for the group by it's simply out of the hate of Barisan Nasional.

6. The frog-leaping cases of politicians jumping to the mob group is a consequence of the problem.

7. If I am called out for a cup of coffee to give an honest opinion on this subject, I would say "Screw You. You Blew It". They are not able to understand even the basics of fighting your opponent. By making the wuss out of the MCLM and other parties who wish to help but instead giving a tell tale sign of snubbing, they are making things worse for themselves. "Taking over Putrajaya" plan that they crave of will just end up as a pipe dream.There are some, if such thing happens that PR should deserved it, would end up saying sarcastically to them, "I told you so."

8. This is a very interesting take or leave offer. The first situation of PR is that being in a handicap situation, outnumbered and insufficient resources to fight in the long run. Last I heard, the door remains open for PR to come in a sit down on a table with MCLM by the third week of January. As of now, I see no reply to HRP's offer of the 15 seats and securing of Indian votes. The Indian mindset is primarily deciding on the present situation, not future or the past. Currently it's messy with the killing each other necks right now. Imagine if the fight becomes 14 vs 8 or 9, then I can say the chances of winning gets a little better.

9. If I am in the shoes of a big man of the coalition, I would start talking with HRP first then others and then churn out a win-win power sharing agreement. The power-sharing offer must already be in hand before starting the talks.

10. Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia's decision on not participating, though they could have add to the numbers of evening the playing field, is something that is not right. If they go and speak in ceramahs, they are facing the same AUKU thing. But are they ready to take the risks under the AUKU act? It is clearly that they too perceived the idea of MCLM as a Third Force, whereas it is actually not.

If RPK calls PR Niamah, then I say Screw U.

courtesy of A Little Taffer's Room

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