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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Planting a Trojan Horse

The responsibilities of the state secretary include to plan, formulate, coordinate and regulate policies, as well as implement state administrative and development machinery in accordance to state and federal government policies.

So the Selangor people are told. Given that Selangor is Pakatan and the Federal Government ruled by a party that lost it's prize state, does the appointment of the new State Secretary or SS WITHOUT even a phone call or sms to the Chief Minister of Selangor done in a professional and gentlemanly manner?

Even those cowards who want to divorce their better half resort to an sms. Similarly too bosses too frightened to face the fellos they want to sack can do so via and sms. And here we are talking about the Chief Minister of the State who has to work with the SS, he is being rudely ignored.

The tricky role of the SS is to balance between two very different approaches to government. So how will he be able to "implement state administrative and development machinery in accordance to state and federal government policies", then? Of course we should not complain if the person is suitable. But if the appointed SS is suitable, there wouldn't be such a fuss right?

If the appointment is done irrespective of the government of the day, it would mean that the civil service is independent and really don't give a hoot who the government of the day is, as long as they fulfill their civil servant duties of giving full support to the government of the day, yes?

Is this appointment without consultation with the State government a precedent that also occurred in the previous administration? If it is, then CM Khalid really should praise the Civil Service for acting autonomously? But have our civil servants really acted fairly in Pakatan controlled states, especially in Perak and Penang too? Is the appointment a subtle form of a wider sabotage strategy being used by the BN fellos to undermine Pakatan's credibility to prepare for GE13?

For a simpler insight into the legal provisions and what the Chief Secretary's decision entails check our here

The Chief Secretary can cite all the laws to argue he has done nothing wrong by not consulting the CM and a federal decision suffice, it doesn't make sense to ordinary folks why the consent of the Ruler is needed. Selangor folks do wonder who is running the state, the sultan, Pakatan or the Civil Servants which everyone knows is aligned to the federal government.

We are reminded we hold Asian values and that protocol is important in affairs of the state especially. But in this case, protocol has taken a back door, in fact the door seemed to be slammed shut at the Pakatan's fellos state in many matters concerning administration of the state and if federal, i.e. taxpayer's money is involved?

Is it not better to appoint someone who can work with the State government than to have one that may well turn out to be a marionette where the strings lead all the way to Putrajaya or a HQ in Putra World Trade Centre building?

The way the appointment is being done clearly points to the lack of professionalism and maturity of the Civil Service who may try and show that it is an independent body but fail rather miserably simply because a moron can see through all the 'legal' justification and sense that an unseen hand clearly seen as a BN ploy, is really behind such indignation that they have shown towards a government selected by the people of Selangor. Indirectly the civil servant are making themselves the ketuanan over the people's choice, no?

Of course, the civil service and Chief Secretary can argue that they transfer and change civil servants, teachers, heads and even attendants all the time and does it mean they should consult the Chief Minister? Of course not, but we are talking about a State Secretary, not any ordinary civil servant.

Rather than converge on programmes that will benefit the people, the way the SS is appointed is like driving more wedges in state and federal goverment relationship. It makes the SS seema to wield tremendous power and set up his own rule and empire in the confines of his state secretariat administrative structure. It's like BN successfully putting a Trojan horse literally in Pakatan's castle!!! And if we know our mythology and history, we know who the eventual victors are, right?

Perhaps it may be a blessing in disguise that because the Federal Civil Service don't think it important to connect with the State Government, dear Khalid can ask the SS to go stuff himself if he doesn't like the SS's advice. Similarly the SS can tell the CM 'too bad and stuff him too', right?

One wonders if this ''people first and performance now really applies to Pakatan controlled states. Perhaps we should not make a fuss at the advertisement ban on the 1Malaysia symbol if it only a very visible sign of apple polishing or bodeking than really living up to it's intended purpose, no?

Let's see if the Chief Secretary will also do the same to BN held states in changing high state posts at their whims and fancy without consulting the duly elected State government. Of course BN state government will not make any issue out of it as the PSC being a federal government will put a 'yes' man to work with the State Government, right?

Whoever is behind such strategy or ploy to create problems in Pakatan controlled state may think themselves clever and that the public are ignorant fools to smell the foxy manner and sense the snake-ish way such actions are being taken for an ulterior motive, i.e. GE13.

Hiding behind legal provisions do not necessarily make one's action ethically and morally correct. If we are reminded that we hold dear to Asian values, the appointment process is in conflict with what we have been asked to hold dear to. But then, in BolehLand's politics, our truly Asian values have long disappeared and have been replaced by a value that is associated with Lord Acton's dictum that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". The end once again justifies the means with respect of the SS appointment process, huh.

courtesy of YAHMEH!!!

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