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Thursday, December 30, 2010

of azans, crosses and carols...

Imagine the Pope going to a mosque celebration and his aides gave instructions to the mosque officials to cover the minarets and not reciting the azans or suras while in the Pope presence.

Two things would have happened. First someone would have just shot the Pope and secondly the rest of the Muslim world would have taken to the streets in protest over the instructions.

Let me make it clear here that comparing the Pope with Najib is like comparing Gandhi with Mugabe or the former old ex-premier the Tun but I said "imagine" because in reality, firstly the Pope would have kicked the asses of his aides and secondly he would not expect anything less other then partake in the joyous celebrations of any Muslims, azan and all and would have even blessed them with his papal signature of the cross in true Christian wit.

Najib, if he sincerely is ignorant of the actions of his over-zealous morons who double as aides should kick their asses and sack the whole lot now as they seem to be "fcuking-up" his oft heard 1Malaysia crap.

One thing's for sure.....the PM is surrounded by idiots and I'm wondering if they are actually planted and paid by the Opposition for screwing things up for him and with the elections looming near. If that don't happen soon, Najib can kiss his premiership away as the rakyat especially of the Christian faith are plain pissed-off with this latest bigoted demand on churches or any other place of worship of any other faith.

And as for Archbishop Murphy Pakiam's silence on this .......hmmmmm.....I'll save my comments on this "Tan Sri" for another day.

Was Najib not a former student of St. Johns Kuala Lumpur ? Read here for the disgusted prompt for this post.

Sheeeeesh !!

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