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Sunday, December 30, 2012


By: Nash Ar-Rawy  
After 55 years of UBN rule in Malaysia. Who has been damaging Islam , Malay  Muslims and Nation if not Umno ! PAS has not taken the Federal Government yet . Let it be DAP or PKR or PAKATAN RAKYAT for that matter. Is  Mahathir a Chinese or a Christian when he blocked the  allocations for SAR ( Sekolah Agama Rakyat ) ? Did DAP stop the allocations ! This is the work of Umno . This is not presumption but a true fact of the work of Umno betraying Islam and the muslims- Malays.
But DAP –Pakatan in Penang instead had given allocations to SAR and to The Islamic Affairs department in Penang State Budget the sum of RM64Million. Whereas during Gerakan-BN rule only RM12Million. Who is helping Islam . DAP or Gerakan. Genuine contractors which are not Ali-Baba business as Umno is.  Won the tenders in Penang. 70% are Malays. Malays road side stalls were demolished and new areas for business are opened for them .
Many Malays have migrated to Kulim or Seberang Perai because it was the projects of Gerakan –Umno for crony building high cost houses in Penang . Where are low –cost for the poor rakyat ! Umno’s –MCA-Gerakan 55 years of UBN rule has chased away poor penangites out of Penang, most of them are muslims Malays because they could not afford to buy houses with the price RM200,000 above !. This is not presumption because DAP-Pakatan just took over. The facts is ; it’s Gerakan -Umno ONE CRONY WORKS ! for 55 years betraying the poor rakyat ! .
DAP-Pakatan rule is proven to be a better government than Gerakan-UBN rule. Umno failed for 55years to protect Islam, Malay – Muslims and Nation. Muslims densely populated constituencies in the country were given new alienations by UMNO. Whereby Muslims areas about 13 parliamentary constituencies have lost “ Muslim Majority “ done by Umno . Because Umno scared that PAS will win in these  areas. And Kelantan was not given extra Parliament Seats! But the almighty is the greatest. Now,  Umno’s treachery has made PAS won many of these new mixed electorates because Chinese are voting for PAS now instead of UMNO. Because they now knew that PAS IS FOR ALL . Universal policies and non-racist as MCA and Umno is ; making racism a political mockery !  And lives with racism issues !
No party could rule Malaysia as a solo party or a single ruling party. Umno have MCA and MIC. PAS have DAP and PKR . For DAP to rule Malaysia is an illogical presumption because there is only 34 Parliament seats where Chinese are the majority in Malaysia . So, it’s a nonsense presumption that DAP will make Malaysia a Christian nation if Pakatan rules Putrajaya. Further more,  DAP secretary Guan Eng said ,” DAP will contest not more than 60 parliament seats. The rest is allocated for PAS and PKR. Lim kit siang said Malay is the majority in this country and DAP accepted this fact and DAP won’t ask for a Chinese to be the Premier.
Lim Kit Siang, Hadi and Anuar have signed up a mutual political understanding reaffirming the  four fundamental principles which are already ordained in the Federal Constitution : i) Islam as the official religion and other religions are free to practice. ii) To uphold the Malay Sultanate Sovereignty iii) Bumiputra rights and other races rights are also being protected and iv) Bahasa Malaysia as the official lingua franca and other races mother tongue  are preserved.
Is it true that DAP could drop  all the four above  principles  and change Malaysia into a Christian State! With all the above Mutual Political reaffirmation by DAP-Pakatan upholding the Federal Constitution . And out of 222 parliament seats DAP will contest not more than 60 seats and “ Chinese Majority “ is only 34 Parliament Seats! Where on earth will DAP rules Putrajaya! . How DAP will amend the Federal Constitution without the  2/3 Majority in the parliament and will TGNA and TGHA kept quite about it !. But Najib just kept quiet and  smiles when Porno Star MCA Soy Egg slammed at Islam in the MCA AGM and has  given MCA RM30Million being present of Umno for MCA. And Fathul of Umno became a Silent Satan . Ya as the Old Devil said , “ We are the one “ ( Party of Satan or the well known Devil ) .
The masses movements now i.e. Red ( Royalty Movement ) , Yellow ( Bersih Anti Phantom Electoral Roll Movement ) , Green ( Anti-Lynas radioactive residue Green Movement ) and Orange ( Free Felda Settlers Movement ) road shows throughout the nation with a crowd of bêtween 20,000 to 50,000 social activists has shaken Najib scared of giving the date of the GE13! Especially when scopenes court case in the French Court has sapina him and Razak Baginda pertaining to a high profile RM500million ‘kick –off” corruption money as revealed by Suaram’s lawyer. It’s not a presumption! It’s not in Malaysian Court! .

Umno is trying to deviate and divert the facts that Umno is the traitor party that has betrayed the Malays.  Who denounced the Sultan immunity ? Was it DAP or is Mahathir a Chinese Racist ! . RM52Billion Bumi Shares lost. Gone with the wind and no account available when asked in the parliament ?  This is not presumption but true facts revealed in the Parliament !  Who has betrayed the Bumi Shares  Money ? Is the money shared among DAP leaders with PAS leaders ? It’s  not millions but Billions! . More than PKFZ amounted to 12.5 Billion. But Bumi Shares is RM52Billions swindled! Is all these a mere presumption? But it’s the undeniable facts revealed in the Parliament!
Perwaja Steel 3 times pumped in money divided among the UBN leaders as told by Eric Chia in the court . This is not presumption but a true facts in the court!  . These are all the people’s money through UBN TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMMES  have distributed  the public money into Umno  BIG POCKETS MONEY!. Recently is the  RM250million Syarizat Cowshit Proxy Scandals. And what happened to RM207Billion being compensation by the Japanese Government given to the victims of Thailand-Burma Death Railway? Nizar ( not the Court MB of Perak ) is fighting over this case for the rakyat!. This is another shameful scandals in its 55 years of Umno rule which is an irrefutable  fact and not presumption!    It’s not millions but RM207BILLIONS ! Not answered by Umno in the Parliament !  More than Bumi Shares Scandals ( RM52BILLION)   Again “SPRM ” acts as UMNO BRANCH and no action being taken . This is a true fact not presumption ! .
Bumiputra scholarships inclusive of the Sabahans and Sarawakians is guaranteed in the Federal Constitution. But who withdrawn the scholarships. Is it PAS or DAP or may be Mahathir is a staunch Chinese Racist ? Could Umno deny this betrayal act and the true fact of Umno. It’s not a presumption ! but fact !
Who is the traitor and betrayed Islam, Malay -Muslims and Nation. Thousands of Philippines were given I.C’s and registered as voters in the Electoral Roll  and vote for UBN as a prerequisite condition. Which had made Sabah fell to UBN . The same strategies is being applied  in Selangor and Penang. Over 200,000 of phantom voters in Selangor were protested by Pakatan Selangor. But EC director said its permitted because they have been registered eventhough their locations could not be traced or identified . Thus!  Umno has sold the nation to Bangla, Indon, Pakistani and Mynmmar! Just to sustain power in the GN13 ? Where is our Nation Security which could be jeopardized by foreigners. When Malaysia is on sale to them by using Immigration Department. NRD and EC as BRANCHES OF UMNO not as public servants.   Where the Rakyat is the PAY MASTER not Umno ! Abuses of the Public Machineries !  for the ruling party!
The Old Devil has blocked Hudud from implementation in Kelantan by a letter of blackmail to TGNA . Remember, Umno once had “ MAGERAN” Kelantan by just the burning of a few old tyres and police booths! TGNA is not so stupid to let it recur in Kelantan. But proven that Umno is Anti-Hudud as MCA is .Mahathir once said If there is Hudud than there will be many hand sups .  And Najib said , “ Hudud cannot be implemented in Malaysia on SEPT 29 2011. This is not presumption but a true fact.
Through Democracy and Victory of PAS in Kelantan with the Majority votes not autocracy . TGNA said, “ awaiting for the Green Light when PAS-Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. But with 55 years of Umno Federal  rule:  Umno did not ever implemented hudud at all ! And   has no guts letting Soy Egg slammed at Hudud ! What more to draft Hudud Law based on the Kitabullah and Assunnah to the Muslims. Because non- muslims have got the Taazir ( Judge Discretion )  i.e. Civil Law;  After 55 yrs . This is fact ! Umno has been Betraying Islam ! . And this is not presumption !
Who had deprived the Malays-Muslims.  Royalty Money due to the people of Kelantan is RM10.7 Billions. May be Kelantanese is 90% Chinese and Nik Aziz is a Chinese . That’s why Royalty is not given to the Kelantanese and Terengganuians. Remember,  in the Agreement between all States Heads and Petronas is ROYALTY must be given not “ Ehsan “ . The federal Government is out of the picture because Agreement is not with the Federal Government but with all State Governments. But Umno for 55 years has betrayed the Malay- Muslims . This is also another fact and not a presumption !
After all of Umno’s strategies failed. Now Umno is using its young ulamak Fathul bringing up back “ Amanat Hadi “ based on his speech 30yrs ago. But the strategy is back fired when the muslims knew that Hadi asked for a muzakarah with Umno but the case was withdrawn later for fear to face Hadi life face to face on TV.
What Hadi said was not “ Takfir “ ( Telling others as Kafir or Infidels ) But it is the question of “ RIDDAH “ or “ Murtad “ i.e.  apostacy. Where one muslim Syahadathain could easily be disqualified even though one says the syahadathin in one five times prayer, paying the tithe or “ Zakat ‘ performing the Hajj or doing “ sodakah” ( charity ) . Because once  one syahadathain is already self-disqualified . No need for anyone to say you are a ‘ Kafir “ when you yourself has already committed “ RIDDAH” or APOSTACY ( MURTAD ) . Your Syahadatain is gone ! . This is what meant by Hadi and need not to apologize. He has to reveal it at all times because it’s about “ RIDDAH” not “ TAKFIR” .
Just when one says  Hudud is a primitive law and not condusive in a mult- racial country . Apostacy has happened ! As simple as that ! But Umno had twisted it by making the “ amanat “ ( speech ) a mockery . That is:  UMNO SAYS PAS SAYS UMNO IS KAFIR “ . Whereas none of PAS leaders and Ulamaks said that . PAS and Hadi is not the Almighty but the conception of AKIDAH cannot be hidden. Elements of APOSTACY must be revealed to save the Syahadathain ! So. Why apologie!  Thanks to Hadi! For not being a silent satan as some of the silent Mufti and fathul himself ! This is the true facts!.Not presumption !
The fact is it’s a mere slander or ‘ Fitnah “ to degrade Hadi’s image!  . What Hadi said was only what are the things that would disqualified one syahadah without anyone telling so i.e. auto-disqualification of the syahadah . The repercussion is  one becomes “ Murtad “ or Apostate. This is the facts of  “ Akidah ‘ not a presumption. But Umno manipulated it as a game and mockery ! A true KNOWN DEVIL !.
As we see it, for 55 years Umno has been a traitor to Islam , Malay- Muslims and the Nation. Save all these from getting worst and vote for ABU : ANYTHING BUT UMNO . It’s high time  for Umno to go now  as Golkar is in Indonesia. PAS by the Grace of the Almighty  upholds and implements the principles of Islam in its BENEVOLENT STATE as proven in Kelantan for 22 yrs. Where PAS rules better than Umno. There’s true development with Islam and true Humanity brotherhood with the Rakyat! Totally  Non-Racist! And it’s the actual facts not presumption! With GOOD GOVERNANCE and ZERO CORRUPTION as recognised by Transparency International ! .
Likewise DAP- Pakatan in Penang is better than Gerakan-UBN . PAS-Pakatan rule in Kedah is better than Umno-UBN .PKR –Pakatan rule in Selangor is better than Umno-UBN. The presumption of DAP rules Malaysia and becomes the Premier and change Malaysia into a Christian State is a mere stupid presumption and totally illogical. Totally Nonsense!  Because the facts is out of the 222 parliament seats: DAP will contest only 60 seats  and “ Chinese Majority seats is only 34 .
If Umno loses: PAS policies of a BENEVOLENT STATE; PAS FOR ALL  and JUSTICE FOR ALL ( Pakatan )  is better than Umno . Likewise PKR !  And DAP is much better than MCA or Gerakan for that matter . With the masses movements momentum ( GREEN, RED, YELLOW AND ORANGE ) . PAS –Pakatan will take over Putrajaya by the grace of the Almighty . A ONE MILLION ASSEMBLY is due in KL on 12.1.13
Remember , MAY13 that was instigated by the Old Devil and the Lady Chief Devil in Umno AGN recently . Is bad for the nation and will create social disorder and anarchy to the nation . The IGP and Military Marshal must be alert of Unmo because MAY 13 did not occur in Kelantan. This is the known facts, precisely not presumption !.  A peaceful transition could be learned by IGP how Suharto faced the facts of POLITICAL TRANSFORMATION by the Rakyat with honour ! The defeated ruling party Golkar did not create chaos or  anarchy when defeated and accepted The facts of lost !

- media perak

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