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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, December 31, 2012

DAP Protestors Caught Eating During Hunger Protest!

What a bunch of scums! These Anti-Lynas protestors attempted to fool their zombie supporters and the press that they were staging a hunger protest.
Eighteen of these so-called protestors vowed to the world that they would starve for 100 hours starting from Thurs, Dec 27, 8pm but they have been caught having their meals at a nearby hotel!
They would have most likely ate merrily earlier but an alert reporter from a news portal  MYNEWSHUB  caught them sneaking off to the Swiss Hotel after entering the 63 hours of purported fasting.
12.28pm – ada peserta menerima bungkusan nasi
12.55pm – peserta keluar mencari kuih dan makan sepanjang perjalanan balik ke lokasi
1.18pm – dua orang peserta mogok pulang ke hotel
1.32pm – dua orang peserta mogok lapar makan di restoran berhampiran Masjid Jamek

Pukul 1.41 – Seorang lagi peserta mogok lapar datang makan di restoran yang sama.
1.41pm – seorang lagi peserta mogok lapar datang makan di restoran yang sama
When the press were present, they acted like they were drained of energy and tired but the minute the photographers went off, one by one, they also disappeared – for their makan!
The absence of these protestors had aroused the suspicions of the reporter, who quietly followed these protestors, mostly DAP members, to the hotel nearby.
He recorded pictures of these protestors having their meals with family members and supporters.
In fact, he exposed food being delivered to the protestors at Dataran Merdeka where the charade was taking place!
The protest was supposed to end on New Year’s Eve, according to organiser Tan Woen Tian. The pro-opposition Malaysiakini had given them extensive coverage claiming they would not eat but merely drink water during the protest.
But the best part is chief agitator Wong Chin Huat – a permanent feature in all street protests – has also not been seen at the hunger strike despite pledging support!
Stop The Lies would not be surprised if this rabble-rouser is now on holiday with his family or having a hearty meal at a restaurant!
The protest is organised by an unheard of NGO calling themselves Malaysian Youth Against Public Hazard – probably a front for the DAP!
- Stp The Lies

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