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Monday, December 31, 2012

‘Endorse our blueprint if you want our support’

Hindraf is not prepared to give any political block free lunch as it did in 2008 general election.
JURU: Hindraf Makkal Sakti will only support a political coalition that gives written pre-election agreement to implement the movement’s five-year blueprint for ethnic Indian community.
Either Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional must pen down written assurances on Hindraf blueprint agreement that they would implement its demands if they come to power in the forthcoming general election.
“That’s the condition if either political block wants our backing to canvass Indian votes,” Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy made it clear at a gathering here last night.
He stressed that the civil rights movement was not prepared to give any political block free lunch as it did in 2008 general election.
“We will throw our support to any party that gives written endorsement that if they come to power they will implement our blueprint for the betterment of much marginalised working class Indians.
“We will not compromise on this,” insisted the Hindraf supremo.
Those present in the Juru community hall raised their arms to give unanimous support to Hindraf’s stand.
They also displayed banners and placards in support of Hindraf and its blueprint, and calling PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan to endorse it.
They also give unanimous endorsement to Hindraf’s decision to contest in the next election.
Speculations already rife that Waythamoorthy was contemplating to take on MIC president G Palanivel in the next polls, probably in Cameron Highlands parliamentary constituency.
He declined comment when asked about it.
Hindraf’s blueprint was launched last month to mark 5th anniversary of the movement’s mammoth rally held in KLCC on Nov 25, 2007.
It generally demands for comprehensive and constructive Felda-type socio-economic programmes, such as community re-settlement, quality housing and equal education opportunities, for displaced ethnic Indian plantation workers and their families.
It wants the government to eradicate stateless status of Malaysian-born Indians and issue them proper citizenry documents such as birth certificates and blue identity cards.
Hindraf blueprint also demands for state governments to give provide land to all Hindu temples of 100 years old and above, all Tamil schools and Hindu burial grounds.
It also wants the federal government to include all Tamil schools under the national fully aided school scheme, and expand all government education schemes, including tertiary scholarships and soft loans to more Indian students.
Hindraf also demanded for more jobs for ethnic Indians in civil service and government-link companies (GLCs).
The human rights group wants the federal government to allot some RM4.5 billion annually, or less than two per cent of its national budget, to implement all demands in its five-year blueprint.
The blueprint demanded a stop to police brutality and violation of human rights, including killings, on ethnic Indians on grounds criminal suspicion.

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