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Monday, December 31, 2012

I See Angels in BN & Demons in Pakatan

As we end the year, there is always this search for the best quotable quotes that will forever be singed into ones psyche. There have been plenty this year and the most illustrious ones are not surprising from our leaders and politicians.

Each of us will have our favourite quote but the one that takes the cake and which is probably the world's first for any government and no surprise coming from the BolehLand spirit and one with a fetish to want to break rather outrageous superlatives BolehLand's version of Guinness Book of Records. And we all know the kind of feats our beloved citizens will try to outdo each other setting fantastic kampung, estate, new village and these days urban housing records. Some record setting feats are rather absurd and one can conclude that probably the contenders must have consumed a Guinness too many, the alcoholic brew in this case, to have thought up such record setting feats.

Not that we should be sour puss for not achieving our best and disparage the apa pun Boleh spirit of our people. In fact, it's good we set our BolehLand records even though some of the feats border on BodohLand mentality than one that exhibits intelligence or practicality at all. We should applaud our citizens for their inventive, entrepreneurial, volunteerism, enthusiasm, creative spirit to achieve the goal they set right. It is good we always raise our bar of excellence so that we can better ourselves.

But there are some records that one you are the first to achieve it their is no more first or last at all. And these fall under the domain of BodohLand Book of Loco Quotes that our politicians set. And this is in reference to what comes out of their mouth, though most times they deny they ever said that, blaming the vocal cords and tongue from engaging before the intellect had finished massaging or most time manipulating the messages before they are verbalised.

Recalling some of the famous quotes in our BodohLand Book of Loco Quotes of our politicians and leaders, there are actually quite a lot of contenders.

Was tempted to considered this the mother of all Loco Quotes from the leader of a race based Malaysian cinaapek association who licked the leader of the opposition that have a large group of cinaapek when he proudly declared,  "At least I dared to admit it because I have the courage and political moral to be responsible and bear the consequences." Hmm wonder if the indiscretions were not exposed he would still be enjoying his slurpy indiscretions each time his tour leg stops at the certain hotel huh?

Or for a group of citizens who worship a God that these days seem to be rather offensive if they are greeted "Merry Christmas" this leader reminded the congregation,  don’t want to be prime minister for only a particular section of the community. I’m prime minister for all Malaysians…” . Hmmm it's like President Obama or past Prime Ministers reminding their fellows using what was recently voted the third most annoying word of 2012 to remind us, "You Know, ello, I am the President of the United States, or your Prime Minister You Know ah? Gosh if a leader needs to remind us he is a leader for all citizens goes to show his leadership record and perception of citizens. Wonder if the need for such reminder I am a PM for all similar to I am your servant has got to do with the ascending to the No1 spot with legitimacy, i.e. from the voters point of view, You Know?

The retort from a Church leader would explain whether the claim to be a leader for all and being 1Christian with the Christians kind of conviction You Know (gosh it is really annoying this You Know right?) has depth or conviction, ...“…if you shake down the PM’s rhetoric, what have you left – syrupy sentiment and clich├ęs that have little or no connection with realities on the ground” - ‘s12traight talking’, ‘say it like it is’, ‘call a spade a spade’...  

Then there is another contender for the numero uno Loco quote of the year ie.  "the repeal of the Internal Security Act is an effort to make Malaysia the best democracy in the world." Said without compunction to fire salvos of over 900 tear gas and whacking innocent fellows dirtying their clean yellow shirt in their quest to ask for a clean deal so that BolehLand is truly the best democracy in the world!

Another quote from a leader that is a tough contender for the top quaky quote is sadly not from an academician or one schooled with intelligence it seems when he proclaimed, Malaysia’s education is one of the best in the world and that it is better than that being provided in the United States, Germany and also the United Kingdom" And 'dur' hmm it may be right because we have many smart alecks than intelligent fellows. Not sure if the number of jobless and those who can't speak the lingua franca of the (international) business language is a measure of the 'bestness' of our education system ah?

But then, we know how ma cais and foot soldiers will come to their leaders rescue by sacrificing their limbs and bodies to protect their beloved leader, right? (hmm 'right' would be my second most annoying word this year than 'like' right? And so, the award for the BodohLand Loco Quote for this year 2012, is from the second echelon leaders sparing embarrassment and saving our leaders from being awarded having said the most memorable No1 quote that will forever the part of BolehLand's national treasure we can supposed, right?

So the choice of the Bolehland's or No1Malaysia quote of the year has something to do with I see Angels in BN and Demons in Pakatan. No not referring to our slick octogenarian puppet master who reminded us folks to be on the side of the devil we know than the angel we do not hah!

But before the announcement of the No1BolehLand's quote of the year, let's see if looking at the audience agreement below, you can guess what the quote is:

All Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates for the 13th general election have been found to be free of corruption and other crimes, said, BN secretary-general

Yup folks of BolehLand, the above quote is the 1Mother 1Loco 1Quote of 2012 for 1BolehLand and 1Malaysia, right?

To the skeptics their reaction would probably be invoking the MOST ANNOYING WORD of 2012. WHATEVER! right?

Hmm with such a declaration, don't our Pakatan fellows look a bunch of losers corrupt and filthy rich crooks. Surely you know, Pakatan will surely lose and with this final piece of the parcel, we can expect election to be anytime next month and before end of March, and a bet of giving up ever receiving my income tax rebate that IRB owes me this year hah!

So all you Bersih folks, you don't need to worry an iota of dirty foul cheat elections because BolehLand folks have always been fighting for clean politicians. Surely (is this the forth most annoying word of 2012) with such angel politicians we don't need any 5kg of rice trial run to know where to put our 'x' right?

Being an angel party, surely it's a walk in the park in GE13 hah! And proved the ole Tun that they are Angels we should now know and the Pakatan as the Devils we don't know, right?

This declaration is a prove that the janji ditepati to CHANGE has been fulfilled in a breath it took to convincingly believable and without doubt or wink of an eye you know,  A first in the world now for our bunch of BN politicians to enter the official World Guinness Book of Records as the ONLY sound, clean and not crooks leaders. Makes our southern dot neighbour PAP must be now feeling very very jealous. Perhaps BolehLand will topple the Scandinavian countries as the lest or rather NIL corrupt, trustworthy, morally clean nation right? Puts even my Pope to shame to think he is the Holy Father good lord, I must heed the call of the Perak Mufti to convert so I can pray and proclaim God as Allah without committing, sedition, treason, sacrilege, a sin or disrespect to King and Country we can supposed huh?

As 1Malaysia has always asked us folks to forget the past, sudah minta maaf, said sorry which means in the past they were not what they are now going into GE13. The past dirty and doubt are all wiped away and they are a new clean slate of politicians. Why took so long to declare this? It would have saved us billions and billions of ringgit in free money given to the people! Aiyah, why now only use this Joker card to win the Porker Game huh? Should have pulled out the Joker in the beginning and save us all the sins of perceiving BN politicians to be unclean, corrupt and what have you.

We know mother nature doesn't lie and in the animal world, they are much better than us humans as they are sensitive and adaptive to the environment for their survival. So what do our animal frens think of what the claim homo sapiens are fond of declaring as truth and they never lie and what they say is for a fact? Catch mother nature's reaction below. 



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