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Monday, December 31, 2012

“Women Used As Weapons Of War,Sexually Abused, Rape And What Else…?”

I really wonder what do most men think women are? “Women being used as weapons of war, sexually abused, raped and what else?  Hello, please have some respect for the women. They too have a sense of dignity. Women are being plundered by men and some are undergoing domestic violence. I may not be in that situation but mind you men out there that I am still a woman and I speak on behalf of all the women. There are many more women out there suffering in silence and are we really aware of that?
Recently in the news we hear of so many abuses against women. Women are being used as weapons of  war! What has this world come to? Does it ever make sense? Women are sexually raped in Syria, India and many more around the globe. Just because they are the weaker sex do not take advantage on them. It shows how “weak the males are.” They are so many other weapons of war to be used but they end up using women as weapons of war. It is such a degrading and a great humiliation to the male race who often call themselves to be the stronger sex. In fact these men who take advantage of these weaker women should not at all call themselves to be men. It is such a cowardly act.  They are worst and weaker than the women. If they are real men they would not show it in this way.
Friends, then we see teenage girls being treated as ‘sexual’ commodities to be sold or to be given as a gift! Is this what we all want? Treating teenage girls as sexual commodities! Then there are some female children who are kidnapped and made to get pregnant to produce babies so that those involved in human trafficking can make money out of them. Have ever these human traffickers forgotten that the child belongs to a family? How will the parents feel when they come to know that their is missing from school or work? All because of these inhuman act of those who want to make money out of other peoples children.
Most of the news that we hear are all about rape, human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual abuse.  Is this what we all want to hear daily? As humans aren’t we being disturbed by this kind of a news. Women around the globe, do wake up and stand up for your rights as a woman. If one woman is being sexually abused, used as weapons of war, raped, treated unjustly and unfairly it affects all the women around the globe. It affects our dignity as a woman. All men regardless of who you are learn to respect a woman.Please do give a thought on that.
A note to all the men around the globe in case you have forgotten, Do not forget that you need a WOMAN to bring you forth into this world. That WOMAN was your MOTHER and she is also a WOMAN. The next time if you ever want to hurt a WOMAN or rape a woman think about your MOTHER and SISTER who are both Women. Do not take advantage of a Woman just because she is a Woman.
What happened to the rape victim recently in India, when she was brutally gang raped and brutalized with an iron rod and died this morning should never happen again. Are these men so inhuman to do such a thing to this 23 year old girl? It is a real drastic situation that happened to that poor girl.I really can’t imagine and picture the incident that happened to her. I am also a mum of a 24 year old daughter. It really brings tears to my eyes that things like these happens and the laws are lenient with such cases. We need more stricter laws to be implemented on brutally rape cases that causes death because of the way the victim was raped. Please do give a thought on that.

God Bless
- media perak

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