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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, December 31, 2012

Green activists take a bite at Pahang MB's 'ear'

Himpunan Hijau activists today had a go at Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob's ear, after the MB famously declared he would cut off his ears should BN lose in Bentong in the coming GE because of the controversial Lynas plant.

NONEHitting the bustling streets of Bentong this morning, activists distributed ear-shaped biscuits labelled 'Biskut Telinga Cap Adnan' (Adnan's brand ear biscuits) to the locals.
The ear biscuits, a popular local snack, were packed in pairs and tagged with a label depicting Adnan with a bandage patched on his right ear.
"We are dissatisfied with Adnan's remarks, which belittled the people's concerns about Lynas.

We wan to create awareness here so the local people will help to really make Adnan cut off his own ears (by causing his electoral defeat)," said 56-year-old Himpunan Hijau activists Chen Sit Yong who helped with the distribution.

NONEThe biscuit distribution today was in conjunction with Himpunan Hijau's 300km KL to Kuantan drive, which will culminate in a rally near the Lynas plant in Gebeng, Kuantan tonight.
Chen said the movement has prepared a total of 8,000 packets of such biscuits and other than here, they will also be distributed in Kuantan.

The main convoy arrived in Bentong from Gombak at around 10.30am, where the leaders of the green activists addressed a crowd of some 300 people.

Taking the stage in the form of the back of a four-wheel-drive vehicle, Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack declared that people throughout the country were today travelling towards Lynas’ plant in Gebeng, Kuantan.

NONE“We will gather at the Lynas plant and if we can do this once, we can do it many more times until the factory closes down,” he said.

He added that the campaign on New Year’s Eve was to usher in a new power that would safeguard the environment of the country.

Wong also hit out at Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai, accusing him of twisting facts about the Lynas facility, pointing to the sketchy details on whether Lynas would export its waste or not.

He then held up a banner of Liow with a long Pinocchio-like nose, flipping it upside down to drive home his point. Liow is MP for Bentong.

‘Potong! Potong!’

Later, Wong and other activists whipped out a small blade and began sawing off the ear biscuits in a symbolic move chastising the state’s menteri besar.

NONEWhile doing this, the crowd began to chant “Potong! Potong! Potong!” (Cut!) as the biscuits were reduced to crumbs.

Also present at the ‘ear cutting ceremony’ were cartoonist Zunar, Bukit Koman anti-cyanide activist Wong Kim Hoong, Tras state assemblyperson Chong Siew Onn, Bentong PAS division chief Hamid Bahatin and Bentong PKR vice-chief Tang Fuie Koh.

Earlier, Tang presented five buckets on stage, two of which had the picture of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak plastered on them, two more had a picture of Liow and another that of Adnan.

“Since the government has insisted that Lynas’ waste is safe, we want 5kg of the waste from Lynas so 2kg can be delivered to Najib, 2kg to Liow and another kilo for Adnan,” he said, pointing at the buckets.

After briefly distributing the ear biscuits to local residents, the group departed in their close to 100-vehicle convoy for Kuantan.

They will be joined by more supporters at various check points along their route before arriving in Kuantan in the evening.

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