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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why is the court trying to block Rosli from giving his statement?

What is it that the court is trying to block Rosli from revealing? How will Rosli’s testimony hurt those who walk in the corridors of power? We should be concerned about what they are trying to deny us from knowing, not about exploiting issues for political gain.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Someone asked me why I no longer bother to expose the wrongdoings of those who walk in the corridors of power, in particular those wrongdoings by the Barisan Nasional government.
Well, first of all, in the past, I was the only one doing this. For eight years since August 2004 and for five years before that since 1999 I have been fighting a lone battle revealing the excesses and transgressions of those who walk in the corridors of power. And the police have raided my house and confiscated documents and computers from my house no less than half a dozen times. I have also been detained without trial twice and arrested and charged a couple more times because of my ‘crimes’.
Today, we have many prominent people doing that job. So do you still need me to do that? We have Rafizi Ramli, P. Balasubramanian, Deepak Jaikishan, ex-IGP Musa Hassan, ex-Kuala Lumpur CID Chief Mat Zain, Ex-CCID Chief Ramli Yussuf, ex-Health Minister Chua Jui Meng, ex-Umno activists such as Aspan Alias and Mohd Ariff Sabri who joined DAP, ex-Umno Sabah leaders such as Lajim Ukin, Wilfred Bumburing, Dr Ibrahim Menudin and Yahya Lampong, and many, many more.
In short, there are scores of people now doing the job I used to do. And most of these people are whistleblowers. They used to be part of the corrupt system and now they are revealing insider information. Who better to expose these shenanigans than people who were once part of that corrupt system? Certainly they would have first-hand information that I do not have.
Secondly, for more than 13 years since 1999 (eight of those years with Malaysia Today) I have been revealing scandal after scandal but nothing was done about the matter. More importantly, I did not reveal these scandals AFTER they had happened like all the others. I revealed them BEFORE they happened so that something could be done about them, a sort of pre-emption strike. But nothing was done about the matter and what I warned would happen really happened in the end.
What is the point with screaming after the horse has bolted? You need to close the barn door before the horse bolts. Closing it after the horse has bolted is no bloody good. And this is what most of you do. You scream after it happens. When we reveal it before it happens you do nothing. And then you ask me why I do not talk about it.
What is the point of talking about something after it happens when you do nothing about the matter when I talk about if before it happens? What a bunch of idiots I have as readers. Waste of bloody time trying to educate you. Better I just sit back and watch Pakatan Rakyat get whacked in the coming general election and then write my “I told you so” article.
Malaysia Today revealed that George Kent was going to get the Ampang LRT project ONE YEAR before it was awarded to them. What was done about it? Now that it has already been awarded to George Kent you make so much noise and Rafizi Ramli holds press conference after press conference.
For what? For syok sendiri is it? I even revealed who Tan Kay Hock is plus his links to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak two years before the announcement of the project. And what did you do? Nothing!
Malaysia Today revealed that a company linked to the ex-Chief Justice and Umno lawyer was going to get the RM2.2 billion Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (Kidex) project BEFORE it was awarded to them.
And what was done about it? You waited until the project was awarded to them and then you make so much noise. For what? For syok sendiri is it?
Years ago Malaysia Today exposed the RM8 billion MAS fiasco and also revealed how this matter is linked to the RM30 billion Forex disaster of 20 years ago. Malaysia Today also revealed the contents of Tajudin Ramli’s Affidavit where he admitted that his takeover of MAS is linked to the Forex issue and was a move to camouflage this scandal.
And what was done about it? Now the matter has been settled out of court so that the truth stays hidden. And now you scream. For what? For syok sendiri is it?
Remember back in 2006-2007 Malaysia Today revealed the links between the police and the underworld? Remember my article ‘All Roads lead to Putrajaya’? Today, everyone is singing the song about how the police are linked to the underworld. And the lead singer in this chorus is the ex-IGP himself, the head of the underworld in the police force. And you all scream what a great guy he is and that he should be a Pakatan Rakyat candidate in the coming general election.
What bullshit! What a bunch of losers you all are! I really hope that Barisan Nasional wins the general election so that I can have the pleasure of seeing your faces when I write my “I told you so” article.
A month ago I wrote a report called ‘No, it is not over yet’. (READ HERE). And what did you do about it? Now read the Malaysiakini news report below called ‘Jan 3 decision on AG's objection to Rosli's revelation’.
Yes, lawyer Rosli Dahlan is being fixed up by Malaysia’s legal system. And I wrote about it a month ago and nothing was done about the matter. On Thursday this week, 3rd January 2013, Rosli is going to become yet another of the many victims of Malaysia’s corrupt legal system.
Do you care? Will anyone do something about it? Will Rosli suffer the same fate as the many who came before Malaysia’s legal system and were denied justice? Or will you just wait until it happens so that you can exploit this whole thing for political gain?
I suspect you want it to happen. I suspect you want Rosli to suffer injustice. And then when it happens you can use this episode as an election issue. You do not care about justice. You just want to use injustice as a political issue and to win votes. You want people to suffer so that you can win the election.
What is it that the court is trying to block Rosli from revealing? How will Rosli’s testimony hurt those who walk in the corridors of power? We should be concerned about what they are trying to deny us from knowing, not about exploiting issues for political gain.
We should come out and warn the judge that on 3rd January 2013 if they deny Rosli justice then expect our wrath. We should make sure that Rosli receives justice and not hope that he suffers injustice so that we can use that as an election issue.
Okay, read (below) what are the secrets that they are trying to keep a secret. They want to block Rosli from testifying and also want to expunge his Affidavit so that Malaysians will never discover the truth. But Malaysia Today is going to reveal the truth anyway whether they block it or not.
And that is the job of Malaysia Today. We reveal the untold story. We engage in pre-emption strikes. Our job is not to exploit issues for political gain and to win elections.
And that is what makes Malaysia Today far better than all the others. We reveal secrets to educate you. Others do so to win votes. And idiots do not know the difference. Are you one of those idiots? Chances are you are.
Jan 3 decision on AG's objection to Rosli's revelation
Hafiz Yatim, Malaysiakini
In a wicked twist, the Kuala Lumpur High Court yesterday refused to grant Rosli Dahlan time to file an affidavit in reply to the Attorney-General's application to remove certain paragraphs in the lawyer's witness statement regarding the ‘Copgate' affair.
The senior federal counsel in the case had only affirmed an affidavit submitted on Thursday to oppose Rosli's witness statement and open testimony in court.
What was peculiar in the senior federal counsel Azizan Md Arshad's application was that he had deposed it himself, whereas it is usual practice for the affirmation to be done by another senior officer.
In the affidavit, the AG's Chambers reproduced all of Rosli's statements, which it opposed, making them public.
Despite this, Justice Hue Siew Kheng refused to grant Rosli time to submit his affidavit-in-reply to Azizan's application, ordering the parties to submit yesterday afternoon in her chambers.
Justice Hue then fixed Wednesday for a decision on the AG's Chamber's objection to expunge certain paragraphs.
On Nov 28 it was reported that the AG's Chambers, representing the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's predecessor the Anti-Corruption Agency and the government, had opposed Rosli's application to read out his witness statement and also wanted expunged certain portions of it related to Copgate and other matters.
The Copgate affair involved former inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan and attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail alleged to be the hidden hands in providing protection to an underworld figure named Goh Cheng Poh, also known as Tengku Goh.
At the previous session, Justice Hue had allowed Rosli to read out his witness statement in open court, which had been fixed for Jan 25 during the hearing of the RM50 million suit.
‘Goh's arrest viewed as disloyal act'
Rosli, in his writ filed in 2009, had described the acrimonious relationship between former Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Ramli Yusuff and Musa, and how the IGP had used the ACA and the AG's Chambers to implicate him and Ramli in the wake of Goh's arrest.
Rosli said he acted for Ramli and the then-deputy home minister Johari Baharom against Goh's habeas corpus application in 2007, after the AG's Chambers reneged on drawing up their affidavits.
The lawyer claimed that Musa saw Goh's arrest as an act of disloyalty on Ramli's part, resulting in the IGP initiating further ACA investigations against him, thus straining the Musa, Ramli and Johari relationship.
Rosli also claimed that he earned Musa's wrath and that of the attorney-general's when he drew up the affidavits for Ramli and Johari, triggering the ACA probe against him and his subsequent arrest.
He said an ACA officer kicked his leg, twisted his arms and handcuffed him tightly, resulting in lacerations and swelling of his wrists.
He gave his statement at the ACA headquarters, but was held overnight and taken to court and charged on the eve of Hari Raya, on Oct 27, 2007.
These were malicious actions out to tarnish his image, he added in his writ.
However, the KL Sessions Court had acquitted Rosli without calling his defence, on the charge of not complying with the agency's procedures to declare his assets.
The prosecution had withdrawn its appeal against the acquittal earlier this year.

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