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Monday, December 31, 2012

No prizes for guessing who's behind 2013 ANTI-ISLAM CALENDAR

No prizes for guessing who's behind 2013 ANTI-ISLAM CALENDAR
A bi-lingual wall calendar for 2013 containing images and messages reflecting those uttered by MCA leaders recently in their campaign against PAS and Islamic values has been condemned by Selangor PAS Youth, who urged the authorities to investigate.
The calendar, in Chinese and English, bears the title "Do not think that hudud law does not affect you, it will", followed by images to show that non-Muslims would be subjected to various rules curtailing their freedom. The rest of the calendar is based on the standard local 'kuda calendar' template, containing details of public holidays and race dates to guide horse racing punters.
Selangor PAS Youth chief Hasbullah Mohd Ridzwan said those behind the production of the calendar were cowards.
"The act is insolent and shows the cowardice of people with unsound mind," he said, urging the police and Islamic department to act.
Without naming, Hasbullah said it was possible that a certain party aligned with the ruling coalition was behind the production and distribution of the calendar.
For several months now, Chinese-only party MCA has been stepping up its attacks on PAS, saying the Islamic party was bent on oppressing non-Muslims in the event Pakatan Rakyat comes to power.
Among others, the BN component party claimed that the Islamic punishment for serious crimes, or hudud, would be applicable on non-Muslims despite PAS's insistence that the law was for Muslims only.
Recently, MCA through its mouthpiece The Star accused the PAS-led state government of arresting non-Muslims for khalwat, a Shariah offence. It has also kicked up a storm over fines on unisex salons which failed to abide by the Kota Bharu Municipal Council's local laws, as well as a ban on gambling.

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