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Monday, December 31, 2012


Dear Editor,

THERE are times when I'm trying to make sense of what is said by a politician. On the other hand It also proofs that many of them are absolutely out of touch on what's really happening on the ground. It is very important to make an earnest effort to communicate effectively. Never take your readers or listeners for granted. Politicians must learn to think on their feet to ensure that whatever is said adds value to the message.

I don't want to sound like an expect however this is how I have perceived on what was reported in the local dailies. Have fun! :
SAPP has initiated 'Project Lazarus' - The chosen one will visit very Sabah 'Adun' who has been sleeping in the crypt for the last for years and place his hands over the body, look into the heavens and command, "Bangunlah Untuk Sabah."

BN leaders love to use this phrase: Sabah as a "fixed deposit." Is BN implying that Sabahans can be manipulated or Sabahans cannot think for themselves. I find this term "fixed deposit" rather insulting. Why not just say "Sabahans Favour BN." I feel this approach sounds calmer, softer and cooler.

This DAP chap mentions 'Pakitanis' as foreigners. We are all aware that Pakistanis are not from MARS. Other locals like to address Filipinos as PTI's. How would one address an American hiring a local? "Red Indian!" He went on to state that locals are willing to be hired for RM300 per month.

To me the issue is not who is hiring the locals. Its about earning an income below poverty lines. I can assure this DAP chap that the local enterprises are no better. As I have mentioned in my earlier article, that very indigenous leader(Bumiputra) in Sabah must support the implementation of the minimum wage.

One PKR wannabe came up with this theme: 'Turunkan Harga Kereta.' Please focus on minimum wages and improvement on the public transport system. You really don't want to choke Kota Kinabalu with more cars.

Another DAP leader got carried away on how corrupt practices could be curbed. Please be reminded that corruption has nothing to do with race. In India, the government is tainted with corruption. By sending Lim Kit Siang to India is not going to solve the problem.

My humble suggestion to all politicians are, please remind yourself's of this quote by Abraham Lincoln before you begin to speak: "Its better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and resolve all doubt."

What do you think?

Best Regard,


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